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Status Updates posted by Krispy

  1. I thought Blogs was only for members who knew the forums well enough to stumble upon Blogs. Now it's just a link that any caste can click on. What gives?

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    2. scifista42


      But comments in blog threads are not googlable, only the first post is, right? Then all you need is to post a blog thread with an empty first post, and start confessing touchy information from 2nd post further.

    3. FireFish


      Funny how people think there is something as a "mong" or "caste" in terms of using a publicly available forum and sub-forum(s)... Unless this would have been hidden behind secret passwords, and invitation only situations.

      And i do not think Lingiuca (and companions) is dumb enough to create a public forum while thinking about it as a private club.

    4. SavageCorona


      scifista42 said:

      But comments in blog threads are not googlable, only the first post is, right? Then all you need is to post a blog thread with an empty first post, and start confessing touchy information from 2nd post further.

      If you're really that touchy about keeping things a secret from the internet you probably wouldn't post it on a public forum anyway

  2. Has anyone here had to endure the Pandora ad for Cedar Sinai brain surgeons that opens with some woman saying, "Pyramid. Pshyramid. P-hhyramid."? It's so fucking horrible to hear her mispronounce that over and over again every five songs or so. And of course it's at work and we're not allowed to install adblock on our laptops, so while I'm typing up validation procedures I feel like taking a screwdriver to my eardrums- am I overreacting? Btw the Bose headset is still golden and everyone is jelly of them.

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    2. Krispy


      It's about some woman who had brain surgery to fix her speech. Still seems broke to me tho

    3. Cupboard


      Youtube has a new auto-play feature; it counts down seconds & starts another video. This is useful if you like to hear a specific genre or lineage of albums by a certain artist. And if you have adblock. So I guess you're going to keep sucking that capitalist dick

      Have you tried grooveshark or any other alternatives, maybe something with a few trojans every now and then so you have something to explain to a supervisor

      hmm so DW blocks the word "auto-play" without a hyphen. das ist verboten! are we also blocking the word "alot", no we're not, even though it isn't really a word. Now I'm curious what other pseudo-compound nouns we are blocking. :p

    4. Krispy


      The admins alot each member three nonsense words before their account is terminated.

  3. Worth buying for $300? I really need a pair of decent, comfortable (key word) headphones and I really love BoseĀ®'s noise canceling stuff. Has anyone here bought a pair? What do you think?

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    2. Krispy


      Well, the nay-sayers said don't get 'em. "Buy a much better set from another company for the same price." Bought 'em anyway. Don't regret it. I deserve only the best of the best, and I can say without a doubt they are the best. So suck it DW, your opinions didn't matter in the end. Except Fraggle. Thank you Fraggle for your informed thoughts. And also Jonathan.

    3. Cupboard


      I think the best thing that came out of this thread was the following conclusion: fuck the pohll-lice.

    4. fraggle


      Krispy said:

      Bought 'em anyway. Don't regret it. I deserve only the best of the best, and I can say without a doubt they are the best. So suck it DW, your opinions didn't matter in the end. Except Fraggle. Thank you Fraggle for your informed thoughts. And also Jonathan.


      Enjoy your early Christmas present.

  4. Ok, playboys of Doomworld, riddle me this one. Put yourselves in the situation:

    You're at a seminar in a foreign city (being the international man of mystery that you are), and this reserved, dorky-ish acting chick is all that appears within reach for the week. You spend every waking hour funneling your attention and spare cash into her greedy maw, sharing dessert with her and even walking along the beach at sunset showing off your superhuman skillz at rock skipping.

    Alas, it is all for naught. Not even getting her drunk has helped you get into her pants, and you begin to wonder if you've been friendzoned like a gay boy friend, or if she simply doesn't have sex. You return to your apartment by train, cry into your penis, and say goodnight. Then, the next morning, out of the blue, she wants to have extended conversations on Facebook! What's more, she adds flirty lines to her sentences for no reason and totally says heyy, ha, and :).

    So I ask you, Doomworld, DOES SHE WANT THE D?

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    2. baronofheck82


      You'd probably be better off rubbing one off.

    3. Ralphis


      I owe my social success to this website

    4. printz


      What makes you think she already dumped you? Maybe you'll meet again and again until it works. Then again, you said you don't live there or you probably moved on since you started this blog.

  5. It's that time of year again, when the days are darkest and I have my birthday. This year, I'd like to ask the community not for a map, but an avatar instead! More specifically, a Megasphish to match my Invulnerabilitysphish and this Soulsphish that Greyghost was kind enough to make for me last year:

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    2. Obsidian


      I'm currently imagining a pinkfish wearing the light-amp goggles. May we be blessed with it's presence some day.

    3. Krispy


      Thank you! Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Australia Day!

    4. C30N9


      Nah, just kidding. Happy birthday!

  6. Because I don't have a computer and I'd really like to have this image:
    resized horizontally to 540 pixels for my phone. If you do this for me, you will be the lucky recipient of my referral thing or whatever and it will appear in your profile and you will look cool to all the other kids on the forum. The catch: the image must retain its transparency.

    EDIT: Ok, so apparently you can't add referrals after you've registered. I'll have to think of some other reward.

    How about a custom title? The next one who resizes that image gets a custom title. There might be something wrong with this plan, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Krispy said:

      Oh, that's beautiful. Thanks a bunch. As for the title, uhh, you already have a nice one, so, maybe we could just be casual internet buddies?

      Just, I dunno... spread the word about Partition 36 for me :-P Send people towards my Bandcamp and Facebook pages for it.

    3. Krispy


      Your wish is my command.

    4. geo


      Krispy said:

      Your wish is my command.

      Your fish is my demand.

  7. ...well, it's not the exact same name, but I thought I'd mention it. U jelly? It's in Neumarkt. Yes, there were Nazis shooting at me. But I got all their stuff.

    1. Sporku


      Hope you didn't forget to pick up the floating heads to get extra men. Those definitely come in handy.

      In all seriousness, that looks awesome. Wish I could go on adventures like that... but unfortunately working full time is quite prohibitive when it comes to spontaneous (or even planned) quests.

  8. Hey, everyone! It's me and I'm in Germany like I promised and wouldn't you know it, I have the most coolest host family for three wekks evar snd we got to talking about wars and stuff. I've been to a coulpe parties so far and there's this one guy Gavin that I thought would be competitino, but he's actually a total fag. He told me himself. Scor 1 Krispy! Comment on Germany.

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    2. Krispy


      Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.

    3. baronofheck82


      Make sure to get fucked up for me, there's a good chap :) Also, do your best to go get laid. The beer will help with that.

    4. Cupboard


      Meat, cheese, bier, museums, rave parties! I've met only a handful of female native German speakers and I love to hear them speak it, very hot.

  9. This is an account of my journeys to faraway lands for the past 2 weeks. I spent them hiking out in the Wild Wild West, namely Colorado and Arizona. In Arizona, the main attraction is the Grand Canyon, so we (die Familie) hiked 10 miles from the south rim to this place called Phantom ranch near the river. That was nice. We had stew. It was another ten miles back up the next morning.

    One day of rest, and then we hiked to this village called Havasupai. It's an indian reservation in one of the Grand Canyon's side canyons, only accessible by foot, mule, or helicopter. Another 10 miles to get there. Mostly all there is in town is a bunch of starving horses and stray dogs. Like Mexico, only with better water. All the horses were standing two feet deep in their own shit, trying to eat their own shit, and all the trailers were filthy and the little kids were throwing mud at them. Which, to me, doesn't make sense. Aren't they trying to present themselves as a 'proud' people? Isn't everything sacred to them? So why not their own houses? Their claim to fame and the only thing keeping tourism dollars flowing in to the town is the large blue waterfalls that the Supai tribe owns. Nice location, crappy people. What the brochures don't tell you is that the natives hate whities, and resent the fact that they need us to keep their town afloat.

    ==<GOOD PART>==

    Okay, so on the first day, we didn't really catch on to this fact, mostly because we thought that the cold reception we got was a cultural difference. These people live with 1200 foot walls all around, after all. It was on the second day, after a 4-year-old shouted, "Whitey go home!" to my father, that we saw what was really going on. Well, what can you do, right? We were going home the next day anyway. So after spending the day at the falls, we headed to the only place to eat in town, this crappy cafeteria, and ate frybread and indian tacos (which, by the way, is probably the reason that every single one of them is obese).

    Now, supposedly, it's a dry res. However, I can personally attest that either that's not the case or there's some rule-breaking going on down there. For some reason, my sister wanted to eat on the porch, even though it was like 104 degrees out or something. So we're like, "go for it," but a minute later she comes back with this weird look on her face. Apparently, there was some fat indian gal about her age (21) on the porch. When my sister walked out there, the indian was like, "Nooooo, fuck noooo. How many of you are there?"
    "Um, there's four of us."
    "Fuck no! No whities allowed!"
    "Uh, okay. Sorry." *dashes back in to tell us about her odd encounter*

    So a little while later, this chick waddles inside and starts talking to a group of indians at a table in some Yavapai language or whatever the hell they speak, but they mostly ignore her. She's obviously been hitting the fire water as she cruises toward our table (apparently her favorite spot). But about five feet from us, she manages to see us through her drunken beer goggle haze and swerves away, saying, "No fuck no!" She plops down farther away and starts babbling in her own language. I can only guess what things she was saying about whities on the res and whatever else, but some of it got the other indians laughing.

    What I was wondering was, who was her supplier and how were the others not clamoring for her booze? Maybe they had like a lottery, and today was her day to get drunk. That would explain why everyone was so tolerant of her. We set out at 4 AM the next morning.

    Lesson learned: Next time you decide to hike to a remote Native American village, pack plenty of water and don't interact with the natives. Bring fire water for bargaining.

    TL;DR: Read the story, you lazy butt munch!

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    2. myk


      Krispy said:
      TL;DR: Read the story, you lazy butt munch!

      I quit right after the racist part, you flatulent yank!

      Glad I got to the part where the child greeted your dad, though. I love that kid!

    3. dew


      wow, this thread is getting retarded very fast.

    4. Technician


      As you get farther and farther North here in Canada, rundown native reservations become common.

      Great places to buy cheap contraband cigarettes, though.

  10. I just got a 15 KV neon sign transformer, so of course now the only thing to do with it is hurry up and assemble a Tesla coil! Does anyone here have any experience with them? I'm not looking for advice, I've got the whole internet for that, I'm just looking for personal feedback. I'm really excited to see this thing up and running.

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    2. Maes


      I once made a quick DIY voltage step-up circuit using a breadboard and salvaged electronic components, to power a neon lamp.

      The only thing I can say is that working with any voltages > 20V (let alone a few hundred/thousands) can deliver a pretty nasty "bite" if you are not careful. Also, at 15 kV, insulation breakdown and arcing/sparking as well as ionization/ozone production of air become real issues. Make sure you have properly specified components and cables, as most electronic scrap you might have won't cut it at these voltages.

    3. Krispy


      Oh, I intend to spend a little money getting the right stuff. And this thing is only going to run outside, so no ozone problem. My biggest issue is finding ~1200 feet of magnet wire and two 1 K Ohm 100W wire-wrapped resistors. So yeah. I figured I could increase the voltage rating of a bunch of capacitors by wiring them in series, and then make up for the loss in capacitance by wiring even more in parallel. Real exciting stuff.

    4. exp(x)
  11. Here's a video of the robot my team made for a robotics competition this year. We ended up having a really bad year (only 3 measly silver medals out of 3 possible medals) but we made it to the quarter finals at world's. Our robot is number 67. I was on electrical.
    First match @ 12:25

  12. I have to get it out, so why not on Doomworld? I wish there were real-world grammar Nazis to exterminate all the inferior spellers and those who can't use punctuation or distinguish between too and to. The fact that I have to compete (and sometimes lose) in essays and other writing pieces with others of such a low writing caliber pisses me off. It's the fact that a teacher/professor might give me a lower grade on a paper than one that's riddled with errors. When reading stuff online (guhhh) I get so distracted staring at mistakes like the ones below.

    Examples of things that make me want to find people and punch them:

    • haft to
    • might of
    • to vs too
    • there/their/they're (big one)
    • loosing vs losing
    • i
    • its vs it's (big one)
    • wasnt
    • cant
    • your vs you're (big one)
    • adding an apostrophe before the "s" in a plural noun (like pancake's or house's)
    • doubtless I'll add more
    I can understand if you just had a random brain fart. It happens to me, too. It's the sheer volume of these errors that disturbs me. Anyone else bothered like me, or am I an old fart for taking offense?

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    2. baronofheck82


      Dragonsbrethren said:


      /me spanks

    3. Infinite Ammunition
    4. Snakes


      @OP: Fix your username, bitch!

  13. Here I come.

    I'm getting interviewed for a foreign exchange program later this week. I'm sort of nervous about it. Searching online hasn't really come up with any specific questions that I may be asked. It'll be through YFU USA and the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program. I'm all concerned over 'Were my essays long enough?' and 'Do I need insurance?' If they emailed asking for an interview that's a good sign, right? Anyway, if this works out it'll be almost as exciting as the day I received DOOM in the mail... Just sayin'.

    Wish me luck.

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    2. Krispy


      I think you'd find plenty of like-mine people there, and also have a chance to prove that not all Americans are satisfied with the current system. But be careful, you might find yourself explaining the situation from an American point of view, and they might think you're defending US policies. It happened to me a lot.

    3. tourniquet


      So did you like our food?
      And where have you been exactly?

    4. Tristan


      Welcome back!

      Eris Falling said:

      What happens if someone touches you?

      I don't get it.

  14. Apparently everyone who posts blogs has a blog page.


    I wonder what other neat features I haven't discovered yet?

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    2. Bucket


      I'm not clear on Blog permissions. Can non-members see Blog pages? Can they see comments?

    3. GreyGhost


      It looks like non-members can view Blog pages but not the comments or forum.

    4. DoomUK


      There's this conspicuous button at the bottom of everyone's posts that takes you to their Blogs page, which until a few weeks ago I had been oblivious to.

      You're not alone.

  15. As some of you know, I've been working on a Hide and Seek project. Unfortunately, I've only received one submission, making a total of two maps. Fortunately, I like how it looks so far and would like to continue the project. So, since my birthday passed recently, I was hoping someone (or people) could build a map for me. The more the merrier! The rules are in the first post of that thread.

    1. GreyGhost


      Still working on mine, currently trying to make it less square and boxy.

  16. So, my B-Day is on the apocalypse, and I just wanted a little something to cherish before the world ends. I was thinking an avatar like mine, only with a soulsphere. Well, how about it?

    1. GreyGhost


      Try this one. I might need to fiddle with the fins a bit to give them some more contrast.

      Happy Apocalypse Day!

    2. Krispy


      Thanks! Now I can switch between the two depending on my mood...

  17. http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21600000/Doom-doom-21686262-1280-1024.jpg

    Because I need a new screensaver. I have no idea how this would loop, but it must. Could you imagine having this for your wallpaper, and if you left your computer for a few minutes, it came alive??? That would make me void my bowels almost instantly.

    1. GreyGhost


      Getting it to loop convincingly would probably be the hardest part of the job. Recreating that scene as a map for DesktopDoom (if it isn't too out-of-date) would be another option.

  18. Banged out the tune on my keyboard, but can't remember the name.


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    2. Chow Yun Thin

      Chow Yun Thin

      Okay, my turn.

      What is that background melody? I've heard it before in the first Bioshock, when you use the Gene Bank.

    3. Bucket
    4. Maes


      Mattfrie1 said:

      Axel F Original version

      Heh, I always knew the song from the axelf.mod on the Amiga. It's amazing how close the protracker rendition was to the real thing.

  19. I recently spent the weekend in Detroit, stayed at the Renaissance Center, and thought I'd post some pics. Most of these are graffiti I saw on a rails-to-trails trail I walked on.


    It was pretty cool, but unfortunately there were a ton of abandoned buildings, the size of which sometimes you wouldn't believe. Like opera houses just empty and crumbling. I wish I'd snapped a couple of shots of that too. It's just so empty for being so huge, there are four-lane highways that used to carry thousands of auto workers to and from work that now just support a trickle of cars. You can literally park in the middle of the road in some parts of downtown and not have trouble.

  20. So I updated my graphics driver, and I'm pretty sure I deleted my old one, however when I try to open up any game, I get this:


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    2. Jodwin


      Krispy said:

      Hmm... Should I have uninstalled it rather than deleted it?



    3. Maes


      Krispy said:

      gay little computer gnomes

      yeah, but with HUGE DICKS. And they are not really gone, they are lurking behind you, waiting for your next screwup.

    4. Csonicgo


      Krispy said:

      Hmm... Should I have uninstalled it rather than deleted it?

      wait, are you kidding me? I've never had a problem with installing nvidia drivers. you can do a clean install. Unless you have modded the hell out of your system or something.

  21. Alright. Jon Heder and some guy in his 50's. Jon goes to the guy's class to get self-esteem or something and he ends up trying to steal Jon's girl. Anger Management reminded me of this. Also there was a short scene with the guy who played Zoolander.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Maes said:

      Think bad 80s keyboard music with horribly echoes vocals, with two friends who work at a sewer drainage company, with the shit-sucking truck and all. In one scene, one of them has to suck on a shit-sucking truck's pipe. With his bare mouth. In another scene, their boss tell them that the meatballs his wife prepared him remind him of work, aka turds, making them sick.

      If you find me the title of this movie (no, seriously) I'll marry you.

      This sounds a lot like Ready to Rumble (2000).

      The only other film with shit-sucking in it that I can think of (now) is Kenny (2006)

    3. Maes


      DoomUK said:

      At least say what nationality the film was.

      Some 80s Greek straight-to-video subproduct. It's really obscure even here, where those productions have reached "cult" status.

    4. DoomUK


      You could have a look through this list and see if any titles jog your memory. But it might be so obscure there's not even an IMDB listing for it.

  22. So my PC occasionally makes these odd grinding sounds in the CD player area which coincides with when I get a windows update, even if there's nothing in the slot. Also the light on the floppy disk drive goes on. I can make it stop by opening and closing it, but it may come back. What's the dealio?

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    2. DoomUK


      Are you sure it's an unnatural grinding noise and not just hard drive thrashing due to excessive fragmentation?

    3. GreyGhost


      I've known a few programs to attempt access the floppy drive for no apparent reason, which usually results in some noisy head rattling while attempting to read a disk that isn't there. Try disabling the drive in BIOS and see if the problem goes away.

    4. Krispy


      GreyGhost said:

      Try disabling the drive in BIOS and see if the problem goes away.

      I'll try that.

      Technician said:

      Floppy drive? That's so 2005.

      Yeah, it was made in '08 but it came from a university which apparently has lots of old floppy disks.