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  1. I always wondered how design work is so popular on mac computers when the interface is so dumbed-down. I mean really, the ideal mac would have no keyboard or mouse- just one button that "just works" when you plug it in, so you could JO with your other hand while pushing the button on your mac and slurping down a soy late with a straw because you're sooo busy doing graphic design or whatever shit.

  2. I've been meaning to post a thread like this myself. I really think that there's something about this website that attracts assburgers and sociopaths. Like seriously, I'm 99% sure that the guy who posts a thread about jerking it to anime, or his asshole, or how gay the admins are and "f*ck doomworld because I don't care if I get banned" is in fact not a 12-year-old child but instead a fully grown man with a real mental disorder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this just doesn't show up this often on other forums.

  3. DooM_RO said:
    PsychoGoatee said:

    Nobody is talking much about the multiplayer, and it looks like it might be another dud like Doom3's multiplayer.

    The presentation says it has four player deathmatch. Considering the fast paced feel they're going for, probably wanting to appeal to some Quake3 players etc, I don't see how this will keep people's interest.

    It should be an option, include a couple maps that might be four player only, if that close smaller style is a vision they like. But at least include the option for some slightly bigger battles, even 8 players. Ideally something like 16 players could happen too.

    I know it's a graphically intense game, but why would the deathmatch genre go backwards? Why is Quake 2 better at deathmatch than Doom 4?

    Even if it's because they don't think they can handle more than four players on screen on lighter hardware or something, I don't know the engine, there are other options. Maybe a 10 player "Last Man Standing" mode for example, like Action Half-Life.

    Also, I take it the game doesn't even have team deathmatch, and no CTF of course. 2 on 2 wouldn't be that great for random pickup matches.

    I'll still get it for the single-player, but I am not interested in 4 player deathmatch today, or even 16 years ago. The Left 4 Dead / Killing Floor mode does sound okay though, to be fair.

    That was just a mode made through Snapmap.

    y the obnoxious long quotes brah

  4. SavageCorona said:

    He looks like that cheap fucker reskin guard they used in Quake 2 The Reckoning.

    How hilarious would it be if they actually just reskinned and used a monster from some old id game? Made me chuckle.

  5. I actually really like the new cybie picture. He's got this skinny goat body and his dopey expression with the mouth slightly open, so it would almost seem funny if it weren't for the scary missile launcher embedded in his system. Kinda makes you step back and think, "oh god, what's he going to do with that?"

  6. Remember that video that I recommended earlier? And I recommended you watch his other tutorials? Turns out the same guy who posted that video made another video that answers your question.

    Also, from a (very) short google search I found this on the zdoom forums:

    Step 1: Give all the enemies in question a matching TID.
    Step 2: Create a script that reads like this:
        #include "zcommon.acs"
        script 1 OPEN {
             while (ThingCount(T_NONE, 5) > 0)
             Door_Close(7, 16, 0);
             Floor_LowerToLowest(10, 8);

    Step 3: Compile your script (DoomBuilder does this automatically)

    What it does: After all the enemies with a TID of 5 are killed, the sector with a tag of 7 closes like a door, while the sector with a tag of 10 lowers its floor to the level of its nearest neighbor. Change the TID and tags to suit your taste.