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  1. Alright. Jon Heder and some guy in his 50's. Jon goes to the guy's class to get self-esteem or something and he ends up trying to steal Jon's girl. Anger Management reminded me of this. Also there was a short scene with the guy who played Zoolander.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Maes said:

      Think bad 80s keyboard music with horribly echoes vocals, with two friends who work at a sewer drainage company, with the shit-sucking truck and all. In one scene, one of them has to suck on a shit-sucking truck's pipe. With his bare mouth. In another scene, their boss tell them that the meatballs his wife prepared him remind him of work, aka turds, making them sick.

      If you find me the title of this movie (no, seriously) I'll marry you.

      This sounds a lot like Ready to Rumble (2000).

      The only other film with shit-sucking in it that I can think of (now) is Kenny (2006)

    3. Maes


      DoomUK said:

      At least say what nationality the film was.

      Some 80s Greek straight-to-video subproduct. It's really obscure even here, where those productions have reached "cult" status.

    4. DoomUK


      You could have a look through this list and see if any titles jog your memory. But it might be so obscure there's not even an IMDB listing for it.