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  1. I have to get it out, so why not on Doomworld? I wish there were real-world grammar Nazis to exterminate all the inferior spellers and those who can't use punctuation or distinguish between too and to. The fact that I have to compete (and sometimes lose) in essays and other writing pieces with others of such a low writing caliber pisses me off. It's the fact that a teacher/professor might give me a lower grade on a paper than one that's riddled with errors. When reading stuff online (guhhh) I get so distracted staring at mistakes like the ones below.

    Examples of things that make me want to find people and punch them:

    • haft to
    • might of
    • to vs too
    • there/their/they're (big one)
    • loosing vs losing
    • i
    • its vs it's (big one)
    • wasnt
    • cant
    • your vs you're (big one)
    • adding an apostrophe before the "s" in a plural noun (like pancake's or house's)
    • doubtless I'll add more
    I can understand if you just had a random brain fart. It happens to me, too. It's the sheer volume of these errors that disturbs me. Anyone else bothered like me, or am I an old fart for taking offense?

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      @OP: Fix your username, bitch!