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  1. Ok, playboys of Doomworld, riddle me this one. Put yourselves in the situation:

    You're at a seminar in a foreign city (being the international man of mystery that you are), and this reserved, dorky-ish acting chick is all that appears within reach for the week. You spend every waking hour funneling your attention and spare cash into her greedy maw, sharing dessert with her and even walking along the beach at sunset showing off your superhuman skillz at rock skipping.

    Alas, it is all for naught. Not even getting her drunk has helped you get into her pants, and you begin to wonder if you've been friendzoned like a gay boy friend, or if she simply doesn't have sex. You return to your apartment by train, cry into your penis, and say goodnight. Then, the next morning, out of the blue, she wants to have extended conversations on Facebook! What's more, she adds flirty lines to her sentences for no reason and totally says heyy, ha, and :).

    So I ask you, Doomworld, DOES SHE WANT THE D?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. baronofheck82


      You'd probably be better off rubbing one off.

    3. Ralphis


      I owe my social success to this website

    4. printz


      What makes you think she already dumped you? Maybe you'll meet again and again until it works. Then again, you said you don't live there or you probably moved on since you started this blog.