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  1. Has anyone here had to endure the Pandora ad for Cedar Sinai brain surgeons that opens with some woman saying, "Pyramid. Pshyramid. P-hhyramid."? It's so fucking horrible to hear her mispronounce that over and over again every five songs or so. And of course it's at work and we're not allowed to install adblock on our laptops, so while I'm typing up validation procedures I feel like taking a screwdriver to my eardrums- am I overreacting? Btw the Bose headset is still golden and everyone is jelly of them.

    1. Blastfrog


      Can you clarify? What exactly is it you're doing at work that you're required to hear this crap for?

    2. Krispy


      Like I said, it's Pandora. I'm not required to listen to it, but if I want to I have to endure the ads.

    3. Clonehunter


      From what I've found with adblock and Pandora is that even adblock doesn't block every ad. What is this commercial about anyways?

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