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  1. I thought Blogs was only for members who knew the forums well enough to stumble upon Blogs. Now it's just a link that any caste can click on. What gives?

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    2. RestlessRodent


      RaphaelMode said:

      I always read terms and services when using websites. They tend to not lie and so I like to know what the website owners plan to do with me. And doomworlders are easily 25% less sheeple than average internet users, to there's no reason not to assume that they won't read the FAQ.

      Reading the terms of service determines if I even register. I remember this popular overclocking forum I read the terms for, and they were quite dictorial and such. Terms went so far to even state that you cannot attribute anything negative to "sponsered" products. So for example if you found a flaw in one of their sponsered products (maybe a CPU which executes an instruction incorrectly) it is a bannable offense.

    3. 40oz


      Holy shit did that open the floodgates or what? Peace out blogs it was nice knowing ya.

    4. FireFish


      Memfis said:

      Yeah, reading a FAQ on a forum is pretty much like reading a license agreement in an installer. You just don't do it.

      I tend to read some, especially the data gathering parts.

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