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  1. Is this scripted too? I took this video from one of the latter hell levels.
  2. Hell ain't a bad place to be.
  3. Oh, damn! I was hoping someone was not going to say that as I was typing it out =D
  4. I have seen a great fight between a Revenant and I think it was a Mancubus. Both enemies surprisingly mobile, jumping between platforms and firing projectiles. It happened at the foot of the descending stepping stones, before the final area at Into the Fire (Kadingir Sanctum). I was at the top some distance away.
  5. Haste Jump pads UAC level design reminds me of Quake 2
  6. I assume gib comes from the word giblets, which is pronounced as if it was spelt with a 'j'. As above though, always pronounced it gib not jib #gibsforlife =D
  7. EDIT: image resized.
  8. Bless you Patrick, you are a legend. RIP.
  9. $5 for what sounds like generous content and gameplay tweaks / improvements is a bargain. Moaners, go away. Not interested in the DLC? Fair enough, but for those that want more, let us be happy and enjoy the present.
  10. Dear id, Please can you release Dooms for the PSN? I would love to play on PS3 and my shiny new Vita. Cross-platform play and compatibility would be wonderful too, and suppot for new WADs. Did Doom ever make it to the PSP?
  11. What are these pictures?
  12. I thought John Romero said he doesn't really plan, just maps on-the-fly. I don't plan either... just trial and error, and thinking of ideas when away from the editor.
  13. Great list. Pretty much agree with all and I will find them useful to bear in mind myself while I map. What do you mean by this? A key that is not on the ground but on a 32 unit high pedestal? If so, not quite sure what the problem is there. It can be grabbed easily enough and I find a key on the floor just looks a bit odd.
  14. I also thought (assumed, more like) Doom II's first map Entryway was a Romero design.
  15. "mbrown".equals("MegaDoomer")