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  1. I found Romero's stream amusing and interesting... One of the original creators of Doom having his ass handed to him and cursing damn Aracnotrons - basically the same experience I had! I found it telling that he didn't realise the chainsaw gave ammo (not sure what he thought the colourful tokens were after chainsawing). He also got thrown a few times by the game design. Romero seemed to enjoy the glory kills 😁
  2. Gadbury

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    Cinematic, high res gameplay footage. No HUD, 60fps. Looks stunning! https://youtu.be/Q0r2t2v567I
  3. Gadbury

    Monster infighting

    Is this scripted too? I took this video from one of the latter hell levels. https://youtu.be/GZh21rzlnjk
  4. Gadbury

    Hell is so far a *mildly* missed opportunity.

    Hell ain't a bad place to be.
  5. Gadbury

    Monster infighting

    Oh, damn! I was hoping someone was not going to say that as I was typing it out =D
  6. Gadbury

    Monster infighting

    I have seen a great fight between a Revenant and I think it was a Mancubus. Both enemies surprisingly mobile, jumping between platforms and firing projectiles. It happened at the foot of the descending stepping stones, before the final area at Into the Fire (Kadingir Sanctum). I was at the top some distance away.
  7. Gadbury

    Let's count Quake influences

    Haste Jump pads UAC level design reminds me of Quake 2
  8. Gadbury

    Too much gibbing

    I assume gib comes from the word giblets, which is pronounced as if it was spelt with a 'j'. As above though, always pronounced it gib not jib #gibsforlife =D
  9. Gadbury

    21st December, do you believe about the Apocalypse?

    EDIT: image resized.
  10. Gadbury

    R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore

    Bless you Patrick, you are a legend. RIP.
  11. $5 for what sounds like generous content and gameplay tweaks / improvements is a bargain. Moaners, go away. Not interested in the DLC? Fair enough, but for those that want more, let us be happy and enjoy the present.
  12. Gadbury

    What CAN'T run Doom?

    Dear id, Please can you release Dooms for the PSN? I would love to play on PS3 and my shiny new Vita. Cross-platform play and compatibility would be wonderful too, and suppot for new WADs. Did Doom ever make it to the PSP?
  13. It's great to join the Doomworld community; yes, I'm a new guy - hello all :) I don't (think I) know anyone here and I've not been around for long, so my thoughts might be a bit misguided or naive... I've noticed while I've been here all of a week or so (!) a few members here who are very experienced with editing for id Tech 1. I get the impression Doomworld is THE place to be regarding Doom and other id Tech 1 editing stuff. However, aside from the veterans here continuing to put out work, I've also noticed novice mappers who are releasing stuff for the first time; very encouraging and healthy for the community. So I wondered if this is normal - are there usually new mappers appearing regularly and releasing for the first time and what proportion stay and develop further? Also, has there been a recent resurgence of interest in Doom and editing? I did some stuff with DoomCAD (which came bundled on a PC magazine cover disc) a few years ago, creating basic rooms and trying some more clever things with triggers. I also had a play with GTK Radiant and knocked up some far-from-finished maps for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Also played about with the Source engine's Hammer editor. Anyway, I've decided to have a go at completing a complete level... eek! Doombuilder 2 is a brilliant editor, I must say, and it really helps me progress at a steady rate. I don't remember it being quite so straightforward (!) with DoomCAD. Doombuilder also encourages experimentation, as it seems stable, intuitive and mistakes can easily be undone. Anyway, progress is underway and I look forwards - in time - to sharing my efforts with the community. I seem to go through this every five years but my recent Doom nostalgia trip, which seems particularly strong what with my general disatisfaction with modern games, has been inspired by having played Doom II on XBLA with my younger bro (who was born the year Doom released!). I managed to persuade him to get it for alcohol-fueled, co-op gaming! I've also fired up Doom on the PC again, started watching some 'Let's Play' series on YouTube, reading old interviews and listening to podcasts with Romero. Eurogamer's Doom retrospective article also helped reignite my Doom love. Always been an id Software fan. I guess I was one of the not-so-many that was excited about RAGE and bought it day 1. Sorry, I rambled a bit... /end!
  14. Gadbury

    Well would ya lookie what I found...

    What are these pictures?
  15. Gadbury

    Does top-down map planning work?

    I thought John Romero said he doesn't really plan, just maps on-the-fly. I don't plan either... just trial and error, and thinking of ideas when away from the editor.
  16. Great list. Pretty much agree with all and I will find them useful to bear in mind myself while I map. What do you mean by this? A key that is not on the ground but on a 32 unit high pedestal? If so, not quite sure what the problem is there. It can be grabbed easily enough and I find a key on the floor just looks a bit odd.
  17. Gadbury

    The design of E1M1

    I also thought (assumed, more like) Doom II's first map Entryway was a Romero design.
  18. Gadbury

    Identity thief alert!

  19. Gadbury

    Looking for Doom 2.5

    Sorry, no idea. I know a load of Doom 3 TCs / mods were abandoned so it could be one of many! Have you looked through all the Doom 3 mods on Mod DB? Here: http://www.moddb.com/mods?filter=t&kw=Search+...&released=&style=def&theme=&game=33&type= (this doesn't include RoE, just plain old Doom 3) Recall to Hell was a massive TC that springs to mind which was abandoned.
  20. Gadbury

    Doom 3 Old Monster Design

    As mentioned, some Doom 3 characters are almost the same as the originals. I quite like the new Hell Knight although he needs to be more demonic. Didn't like the new imp (probably due to his personality rather than his looks!). Just some points to put out there: Adrian Carmack left id in 2005. Doom 3 released in 2004. Adrian and Kenneth Scott both had input in Doom 3, right? Don't forget co-owner Kevin Cloud! He's been an artist at id since Wolfenstein 3D. Since Adrian's departure, he's now lead artist. It's not just these guys that have creative input to character / monster design. For example, Sandy Petersen stated he had 'quite a lot' of input on monster design (although perhaps this is more Quake based than Doom). I'm guesing Doom's monsters were in place when Sandy joined id, although he could well have had input with Doom II's monsters. I'm wondering now if they will re-use some of Doom 3's monster models for Doom 4...
  21. Gadbury

    Looking for Doom 2.5

    What is Doom 2.5? This? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOCDKbl4Wjs
  22. Gadbury

    mappers block?

    If I got mappers block... Step away from the machine. I get a lot of ideas about what I want in my map structure-wise when I'm thinking about it away from the computer. If I am out of ideas with regards to structure and flow of my map and I stubbornly refuse to walk away, I might do some playtesting, detailing or play other maps to get inspiration.
  23. Gadbury

    Doom Alternative Sound Project! (Updated 2/17/12)

    Is there some way to package up the sounds for distribution and host them somewhere? How long will the files stay available on dropbox? Be a shame to lose access to such stuff.
  24. Gadbury

    The design of E1M1

    I'm glad the discussion has remained civil :) There are so many aspects of Doom that were done right (and admirably stand the test of time), I find it very hard to believe that there was much luck involved, but its success and longevity was due to talent and well-considered decisions. However, as I too like to ponder, of course it has crossed my mind; were they lucky? Was Doom some kind of happy accident? Generally, I think not. The team was exceptionally talented and experienced. Lets not forget that although id Software were in their infancy, and the guys were young, the two Johns - for example - were experienced programmers and had been writing games for many years (in Romero's case for 14 years). Design decisions were being (well) made up until the end of Doom's development. I often wonder 'what if?' to many of the ideas that didn't make it in to the final game (the same for Quake also). However, the cuts were made with good reason; Romero particularly seemed to have clear idea what the game should and shouldn't contain, particularly through iterative development and playtesting ("remove the collectable items / lives, it just slows the game down", "levels can look like this"). Romero clearly lived and breathed this game - his enthusiasm is affective. There was clearly enthusiasm, excitement and synergy in the group (perhaps except Tom Hall, although his contribution cannot be discounted; i.e. he was responsible for elements such as push-walls, teleports and enemies that fly/float), and coupled with the talent, experience, confidence, desire to do new things and very hard work, its no wonder the results were wonderful. I think people want to figure out why this game was (and is) so magic, thus the eager analytics! To the fans, this game is a rare gem, and games like it come along very rarely. As a side note, one game developer that was amazingly lucky - and often confesses to this - is Peter Molyneux. How he got his break is incredible. Also, key features of his groundbreaking Populous were a result of experimentation and his lacking programming skills i.e. raising / lowering of the land was manually controlled as he couldn't figure out how to automate it. Once the workaround was playtested, he found that it was actually an enjoyable and strategic mechanic. For those that are interested, here is Peter Molyneux's post-mortem on Populous - very interesting: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1014627/Classic-Game-Postmortem
  25. Gadbury

    Doom Alternative Sound Project! (Updated 2/17/12)

    Perhaps he meant 'monster sounds'... ?