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  1. Been trying to think of how to improve the layout of this fight. One "square" represents a 128x128 playspace, the black blocks are solid walls, and the red blocks are lava (5/10% damage). The original version is at the top, while a variety of permutations are below. The original layout works fine, but it doesn't stop the player from circle strafing the entire time, even when enemies emerge from the outside. The general gist of the fight is that the player fights imps and HKs once they enter the room, then two viles emerge from the middle, then a swarm of imps come out from some closets along the walls. Will have to sleep on this one and contemplate it with a clear head.



    1. antares031


      What about filling the entire room with lava, leaving some small stepping stones around, and throw a couple of rad suits? This timelimit may motivate the player more aggressive.

    2. Linguica


      Why not make the lava a random perlin-noise pattern or something? Making it truly "random" and not easily learnable