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  1. These were two of the draft sheets I used while making my last puzzle map, Perplexed!. The top section had me trying to figure out what ways I can gate the player from reaching the exit as well as all the mechanics I had planned to thwart the player. Originally I thought about gating off the tower of hanoi switches in each section, since if the player completed that, they'd be able to exit the map. I ended up deciding against that however, since it would more or less offer a "suggested path" to the player, since they'd see certain switches as easy to hit and others as much harder, which would naturally make them want to find a way to the hard switches. So instead I broke the exit up into two sections (move the tower of hanoi to the middle & raise the flunnies), and found ways to incorporate the mechanics into achieving both ends.


    The bottom of the sheet isn't my original draft of the map, but instead the outline intended for the in-game map. There was a lot of text so I had to find ways to shorten everything and try and represent concepts by their in-game visuals instead of their names, which was interesting. It was way more dificult coming up with the "step by step" guide on skill 2, since I barely had room to write in a 256x256 space, and had to leave off most of the details (like leaving the blikblok facing east if you go to exit).


    This was definitely the busiest map I've made to date, and part of the reason why I didn't go out of my way to really spruce up the visuals and add a lot of unique lighting is that I spent foreverrrr planning and writing dialogue that I was done with the map by the time it all worked.