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  1. DevilutioN

    the Arsenal

    Lol that is definitely IcyMew as I met the dude in person. Can definitely confirm from the pic used as the boss that it's him. Not a girl from Singapore. Lmao. As long as I knew the guy I never found out why he pretended to be a girl. It's one of those things that baffles me even to this day lol.
  2. DevilutioN

    What keeps you coming back to Doom?

    ^ This. It's like sex... only virtual! .. not sure if I'm kidding or what
  3. DevilutioN

    Things that you thought about Doom that weren't.

    I never thought about why the berserk didn't 'blink' when it ran out! It all makes sense now lol. I've known it lasted the entire map a while now. :) As a kid, I used to think Hell Knight projectiles did more damage than Barons did. I only found out in my late teens that they actually do the same damage. One that didn't take long to figure out was I thought the cyberdemon shot his rockets until he couldn't see you, but then I realised he always shoots them 3 in a row
  4. DevilutioN

    Does DOOM take skill?

    It does take skill, and that skill takes quite a while to get. Practice your ass off! Thats why some of those 14 year old kids are insanely good, cus all they do is play all day. Heck, when I started playing I used to play on "I'm too young to die" all day lol. But within time I finally was able to play UV without dying :) Doom does take skill I reckon, but I don't think it takes much brains ;)
  5. DevilutioN

    Why does no one use Odamex?

    People are afraid of change. I have nothing against any port, and i play the one that feels best to me. But each port has a silly stereotype which is sadly true in most cases: 1. Zdaemon (nazi's, mexicans, too much of those Drown in blood servers, etc) 2. Zandronum (80% of the servers are AOW, GVH, Whodunit, Megaman) 3. Odamex (pretty much empty half the time) I started off with Zdaemon. Once I found ST, I moved along to that cus it delt with ping better and didn't crash as often as Zdaemon did with some wads. I learnt to live with the weird "uncapped" and those weird Zdoom functions ST (Zandronum) has. Since the 0.6.0 release of Odamex and the new unlagged system, I seem to be giving up on ST due to its unfairness to high ping (Australian/people outside Europe and America) players. I do use ST for singleplayer, but thats all I plan these days. I may go on ST for the casual play, but if its a serious duel.... I learnt my place as I don't have a chance to beat people with 250-350 ping on there (unless they are like new)... it's very painful when you 'appear' to have dodged a rocket but it still kills you, or charge up with an SSG, fire first but the server detects the other person fired first cus of their lower ping (server received their shoot command first). :( All the ports are good in singleplayer, depending on which you prefer. But when it comes to online I prefer Odamex, because with the unlagged system they use I can run up to people and kill them FIRST, dodge rockets etc, it's beat :) If they added this unlagged to Zandronum and Zdaemon, it would be very difficult for me to choose which I'd play!
  6. DevilutioN

    World's purest (and still the greatest) Supercar.

    ROAR! <3 I love them One of my fav's is the good old Ferrari Testarossa, even if it isn't one of the fastest cars around, I want a fast car to be badass too and the McClaren F1 does that well. Some of those superspeed things aren't pretty to the eye :'(
  7. DevilutioN

    Heretic or Hexen?

    I prefer Hexen, but seeing as Heretic leads on to Hexen I do recommend Heretic first :) Both good games, I seem to prefer the weapons in Hexen more. Such as that awesome ghost weapon (whats its name?) in Hexen, OMG! Whole screen flashes white, it feels even more power than the BFG when it does that haha.
  8. DevilutioN

    How to cope with people who hate DOOM

    I actually had an ex who started to hate Doom because I talked about it sooooo much. Maybe I'm at blame here for being so obsessed rofl :) Anywho, I said they should give it a shot and not to judge a game by its graphics..... (as this person had never played a game before the year 2000 it seemed) The response I got was "Enough about Doom! I don't like it and don't want to play it. Its old, crap, etc etc" Some people are pretty closed minded. I understand if you may not like it if you've PLAYED it, but hating a game without trying... those people aren't really worth talking to.
  9. DevilutioN

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Lmao, just spat out my drink. You only just noticed? They are unnaturally BUFF. Half of the Doom monsters are on steroids so bad, except the Mancubi, he needs to get on the treadmill :P What about this missing bit on the chaingun in the UDMX wad? You have to look really closely, and you will see a blue square. Here: http://s13.postimage.org/5t4rzt6h1/Screenshot_Doom_20121029_000135.png It's definitely not like that normally *shrug*
  10. DevilutioN

    Do you reload (your game) in Doom?

    I save mostly after 'close calls'. Like if I just killed a huge army and nearly died, it's a good time to save for me after that (so I don't have to do it all again, I'm really impatient and lazy lol). But before exiting the game and going off to do something else, I always make sure to finish the map so next time I play it's at the next map, not in the middle of one.
  11. DevilutioN

    Unimportant suggestion

    Also logging in just to select the newest threads is a pain too :(
  12. DevilutioN

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Lol yeah seriously... you know you like Doom a little too much when you dream about it :) Haha, the ones i can remember... I was just dreaming about PLAYING Doom, when I could of just woken up and done it for real!
  13. DevilutioN


    I noticed a few of those bugs too. Neat wad. The levels aren't painfully long and its got good flow. Too bad the music in the later levels aren't very long, so it's constantly looping. But the songs are good so I am not complaining! :P
  14. DevilutioN

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I think the pixels on Doom are classic and works of art... and 3d models or openGL smoothing looks like crap to me! Haha oldschool graphics all the way! :) And like a few other people have said, I'm not too fond of slaughter maps myself either. Too long and too boring.