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  1. LightningBolt101

    Doom Builder 2 Update

    Thanks strangah Must of only released it a few hours ago because I downloaded the May 31st one around 3:00 PM.
  2. LightningBolt101

    Doom Builder 2 Update

    It got rid of Skulltag[Doom in Hexen format]? What? Why? I find this weird. And kind of obnoxious. Maybe it was just an error on my end or in the builder. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
  3. LightningBolt101


    Being the murderer is hard. Whenever I see someone kill everyone, I just say "How?!". Game is fun stuff. I really like the clock tower level. The music is great and the atmosphere is above par. Level design shows hard work. Wish I could make levels like that...
  4. LightningBolt101


    Anyone here really care for that? I know it's a Skulltag thing, and generally I see not a lot of people are Skulltag fans here, but I think it's really good and atmospheric. Too bad I suck at being the murderer....and killing the murderer. What are your guy's feelings on it?
  5. LightningBolt101

    Custom colormaps and palettes

    I figure this would be an interesting topic to talk about. How do you make your own? I've seen some that use some very cool colors for blue and such, and think it'd be kinda nice to have, given the colors look much more faded. I think it fits Doom, and I'm curious as to how exactly they work.
  6. LightningBolt101

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Is only one texture okay? I was only planning on using a custom sky texture (only one patch) and nothing else. I don't think that'd be much of a problem. I don't wanna go too crazy with that stuff. I know just how difficult compiling a WAD can be. I make maps but I always edit them with XWE/SLADE3 for things like mapinfo, sndinfo, dehacked, textures, music, etc. If you need some help with compiling, I'd be happy to do it. It's not very difficult for me and I'd be happy to help with things like map names, music, and one or two custom textures that could possibly show up.
  7. LightningBolt101

    doom2 scaled 4x bigger (horizontally & vertically)

    I approve of this oh so much. Someone ATTN this thread now!
  8. LightningBolt101

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    On a different note, why no new textures? I kinda need one for my sky, and I don't think it'd be that big of a problem given textures are compressed into the WAD itself, which I thought this project was just going to be a list of individual WADs. Maybe I didn't read the topic well enough. Doom 2's bright skies do not go well with dark maps.
  9. LightningBolt101

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Ya kept map 25 in there, bro. Also, people should learn about the DEHACKED lump and custom music. I really don't want all of these maps to be MAP01: ENTRYWAY with D_RUNNIN in the background. But that's just me. For some reason, little stuff like that annoys me. Maybe it just feels like the authenticity is taken away a little bit. Ignore my opinion.
  10. LightningBolt101

    Whack - A Doom II map

    I approve of this map. Though hitting the map button and seeing "Entryway" bothers me, that's just my personal peeve.
  11. LightningBolt101

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Create a room outside the map. Give the UPPER (keyword) texture on the walls the sky texture you're going to use. Next, look under actions, "Transfer", and choose "Transfer Sky Texture to Tagged Sectors". Tag the line with the same tag you gave the outdoor sectors. Ta da! Custom sky texture in Doom 2 without going all ZDoom on it. Note: I don't believe a tag of 0 will work, as Doom usually read things with a tag of 0 as having no tag at all.
  12. LightningBolt101

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    Hmmm, funny, I've just started working on a Boom map and wanted to test my skills. I may just join this if I get the map done, which I probably will. Sign me up!
  13. LightningBolt101

    Engine preference

    What's your preference for engines? Vanilla? Boom? ZDoom? Skulltag? Legacy? You get the point. Personally, I prefer Skulltag when it comes to new age gameplay, but love PR-Boom when it comes to getting that classic feel whilst still being able to play properly on Windows 7.
  14. LightningBolt101

    Vanilla death events

    Which is better for this, DeHackEd or WhackEd2? (No bias reasoning, please)
  15. LightningBolt101

    Vanilla death events

    Someone said they're hard coded into the game, which I get, but is there a way to put the feature on maps that don't support this? I wanna do some Vanilla mapping, and while I may not even use it, it's good to know.