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  1. Added first impression comments on the site; I'll be back with more later.
  2. Docks update is in progress, but slow going due to real life (should have more time next weekend). I've been working on interesting, but less homagey Shawn Green layouts, do these screens look on the mark?
  3. Having a real block for ideas on The Docks, so I'm throwing my hat into the Map01 ring. This one's an experiment in Petersen minimalism. ---- You arrive back on earth to find the entire base possessed! It looks like the Demons are staging an attack from the base's command bunker on the other side! Go disrupt the Assembly Zone!
  4. I'm digging the new maps, I've left feedback for most of them on their pages. Xaser, Wraith, you're next on my list ;) I'll join the mapping again as soon as my schedule frees up a bit.
  5. Sure, glad you liked it =)! My take was that Shawn did the main components, then Sandy tied them together and set the pacing. I really thought hard about how they collaborated on Bloodfalls as part of puzzling out Shawn's style. Warning, it's long ;) Shawn's designs tended to be "series of cool rooms", blatantly obvious in E4M8 where it's literally 2 separate sub-areas with 2-3 notable rooms each. As such, he also never let up - a room with no monsters is boring, right? I think Sandy's biggest contribution to Bloodfalls was the opening area, which builds tension with its eerie silence and connects the separate rooms. The blue key warp is similar. Based on this, I tried to make the core of each area a Shawn Green creation and build the Petersen elements around that. The water/slime areas are the prime examples, with lots of the little hidden areas Sandy used to reward players and more abstract architecture. They also serve as a breather in the pacing. The start can be tough due to the hitscanners, but reach the water and you reach relief. Later on, the jetty and the nearby "jail" with the soulsphere are almost all Sandy. The final highrise room and its secrets were more of a true collaboration - I started from the seed of 'Shawn had a cool idea, Sandy helped execute and enhance it'. I get the feeling this was the case with the Blood Fountain/Revenant in Map25, and I remember a quote from Sandy saying they'd always play off each other's ideas at id. Placement followed those geographic lines. The mixed enemy groups and lifts leading to trouble are all Shawn. Imps on platforms near the jetty or cacodemons rising from the depths were little Petersen touches, as was the skullswitch-on-a-pillar secret nearby. Lastly, I chalk up the SKIN textures to Sandy. The monotexture areas were starting to look boring, and walls of human flesh seemed like just the thing Sandy would do to spice things up. That in turn led to the ending - a fleshy Pandora's box sealing great evil, but one you must open to proceed!
  6. Still alive after a terribly busy month in real life! Even better, I have a new map, The Docks! What if Shawn Green made an open-plan city map witht a bit of help from Sandy? That's the question I tried to answer here - I hope you enjoy the results! The Docks Ma always told me not to hang out near the waterfront back in the day. Well, they may have been tough then. Now they're zombies. Still, it's the only way through, and they've got some heavy support backing them up this time. Developer's Notes This map was a balancing act. I wanted to do justice to the original in light of Alfonzo's post, so I tried to echo the structure of indoor branches from a vast outdoors. The general layout and secret placements are the main Petersen elements. At the same time, I wanted to do a Shawn Green style without using pure Hell textures - there's not a lot to go on since Bloodfalls and E4M3/M8 are all hellish. In the end, I went for a rocky shoreline feel that I thought was plausibly Green. Amazingly, I think the BIGBRIK2 actually works here. I'd really like to hear how you thought I did - open maps aren't intuitive for me. Finally, I really wanted to show a watery area slowly getting corrupted. Given that we have Water Main (Map04) and Dead Sea (Map24) in the lineup, The Docks let you see a progression of the Waterfront area slowly descending into Hell >:). Detailed considerations: * No backpacks and lots of lifts because these were traits of all Shawn's maps. * Medium is almost as tough as Hard - McGee and Green used roughly 50/75/100% monster concentration for Easy/Medium/Hard, while Petersen and Romero went with 25/66/100. * I erred on the side of more health here. My intent is for Slaughterhouse to follow, and it's fairly hard. This is an intentional parallel to Courtyard/Citadel, where the former is easy to give a headstart on the latter. * The map is big, but open enough that I think 8 player deathmatch could be really fun. I designed multiplayer around that idea.
  7. Thank you all for the feedback, it is much appreciated. I realized that many of my maps felt cramped because they didn't give proper space on turns. Id maps usually run straight in the narrow parts. With that in mind, I've got a new map for you, The Cage! Like the 4th of July, it's all American =). You should have enough room to maneuver this time around, though not too much, this being McGee after all. The plan now is to finish up a couple more maps, then start revising all of them based on the combined feedback.
  8. I've had McGee on the brain, so get ready for some techbase fun with Warp Factor! The level's conceit is that McGee had made a map with teleports as the defining feature rather than a bridge or crusher. The layout should be good for deathmatch, I've been taking notes from Gantlet =).
  9. Question: does anyone out there have a good feel for characteristics that make a Shawn Green map? We've talked about the other designers, and obviously they made much bigger contributions to DOOM/DOOM2, but it's worth considering. From what I see, he has a few defining traits: * Stuff scattered *everywhere*! This is especially true of monsters, which are almost constant-density. Compared to Petersen, who keeps them in boxes, and Romero/McGee, who both use strategic formations, this is quite a change of pace. * Round, expansive architecture with lots of high/low rooms. The layout is orderly compared to Petersen/Romero, but not angular or confined like McGee. Almost every major area is divided into a high area that's 128 above the lower floor, give or take. * Restrained texturing - like McGee, few textures are used, though not to that extreme. The bigger levels, however, make it more obvious. Does this match your observations? It would be interesting to see a map in his style. Thanks for the catch Memfis! What did you think of these last two maps in general (I know what you thought of the Map18 crusher, but that feels very Petersen to me ;)?
  10. Awesome! Thanks for posting this Paul, I missed this the first time round! =)
  11. Got another one for you! Welcome to Pain! Petersen-style again, but coming from the premise of 'built from Doom 1 scraps' like Map 10. Players so far have loved this one! In the meantime, anyone have feedback for Slaughterhouse? I'm still looking for detailed critique since first opinions were split. Images:
  12. Do you have any suggestions? I wanted to play up the idea of a demonic slaughter factory, which meant some tech. Those areas are more E1 Peteresen in feel, but the map isn't E1 material - it's too hard as is, and would spoil Purist's archvile reveal on MAP11 even if I tone it down. Also, is the "Tech Temple" in the east part of the problem? I tried a lot of textures there; vines felt too *Plutonia* and brick/marble too hellish. I thought it was quite fun to play, so I kept it. It could be moved to E1, but that's a major revision. The lighting is a good point, and I'm grateful you pointed it out. The starting area will be darker in the next revision.
  13. Thanks for your feedback everyone! Any particular areas you liked or disliked? What exactly do you mean by "clean"? I think texturing and placement when you say that, and I'm having a hard time seeing where that strays except in the blue floor room. I'll be going back to the drawing board tomorrow, so input before then is especially appreciated. Exactly as planned! ;) What else would you say we need in terms of maps? I've got a secret level partway done and an idea for a true open-plan level like downtown, but we need to cover all the bases. I'd say we could use a later McGee style level and a few simpler levels as well
  14. I felt like we didn't have enough non-Hell Petersen maps, so I present you with The Slaughterhouse. Infiltrate a devilish factory warped to suit their infernal designs. Navigate fiendish traps and scour for secrets while battling the hordes of hell! I tried to capture the spirit of adventure that radiated from Petersen's maps, taking inspiration from the very best of his designs. What tricks and traps await? Find out as you take the plunge into The Slaughterhouse!
  15. Infestation is updated. I've fixed the HOM , reworked the western base for better flow, and added some quick geometry to make the sky look a little less bleh. Bugs were fixed, secrets made more obvious. I decide to go with the white marble floor in honor of Romero's style, it just seemed right.