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  1. Grub

    Doom mapping tenets?

    I think anything that increases the communication and interplay between player and designer should be investigated! I enjoy a good dance of many songs and tempos. Never should the player feel like they're playing against total chaos.
  2. Grub

    Modding Doom on the go

    I wish I could do this too, but with my MacBook. I would love, love, LOVE to build doom maps on road trips.
  3. Grub

    DOOM HD Project

    About the Baron: I love the hairy legs, but think the hairy chest clutters the feeling of it being an incredibly strong goat-like monstrosity. I would kill the chest hair for the sake of the image's power.
  4. Grub

    The greatest DOOM E1 map ever?

    That area was the first time I ever saw DOOM. Came home from cub scouts and my dad was playing that part. It sucked me right in, and I've been a sucker ever since :) Anyway E1M3, E1M5, E1M7, with a shoutout to E1M1 for how great of an intro it is.
  5. Grub

    DOOM HD Project

    These are absolutely incredible. Professional as hell. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Cacodemon next. He's so iconic.
  6. Thanks, Gez! You're a saint!
  7. Howdy. I'm using UDMF, and I'm trying to create one of those cool rising floors that starts off as a damaging acid pool, but rises up to the nearest floor and becomes a harmless... well, floor. But for some reason, it rises up and the damage effect stays. Anyone have a clue what's going on? Do I need to do something more complicated that I would've in classic DOOM mode?
  8. Grub

    A discussion on mapping difficulty

    I think so, yes. I also play my maps in lots of different ways to emulate different playing styles and skill levels. For example, getting hit more often than I'd allow myself to, or missing more shots, or playing entirely with the arrows-spacebar-ctrl keys. Stuff like that. Of course, you can never beat input from other people who play your maps. That's a given :)
  9. Grub

    Doom WAD wip - MAP01

    Same here. I'm using PRBoom on my laptop and there's a missing texture. He said it was made for Skulltag. Maybe it's a skulltag texture?
  10. Grub

    Linear maps - Pro and contra

    I tried playing it. It certainly looks nice, but he was a bit nuts if he thought forcing you to fight constant steams of hell knights with only a shotgun was going to be a fun time :(
  11. Grub

    The hi-res Doom sound pack is updated

    It actually always sounded like that!
  12. Is it just that they feel different to all the other maps in the episode/cluster? Or is there something else? For example, E1M9. It isn't terribly different compared to rest of Knee-Deep in the Dead, but it does feel slightly strange. For example, that box of imps in the center. That's an idea you don't really see in other levels (except maybe E1M4 with the 4-way door opening room.)
  13. Grub

    30,000 Levels

    Wow. This is... really an experiment in futility!
  14. Grub

    IO Error while writing file???

    I just had this problem. Turns out timidity had crashed the last time I tested my WAD, but I had no idea, and it was still running somehow and using my WAD. So I killed timidity.exe in process control and that fixed it.
  15. Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I was definitely planning on putting the vista in a future level. I know the Romero rule is take any outside place the player can see and make sure that they can get there, but I'm sort of cheating and extending that a little further ahead, but always keeping that vista in view throughout the levels so that you know it's important and that, eventually, you're going to get there. And I guess my goal was to have sort of an atmospheric opening, and pick up the action as the levels go on? But that's probably just me as a newbie coming up with excuses for design flaws when I could make things more interesting :) And it's interesting that you referred to the blue key room as a chapel! I was actually trying to go for a sort of autopsy-viewing room, you know, like in medieval/renaissance drawings. Where people would watch from a second level, looking down into an area where a surgeon would be operating or whatever. And one of the zombiemen turned it into an evil "church" of... evil evilness, hence the candles. It's always neat to hear what people think of abstract DOOM architecture :D Thanks for the comment about the pegs on the side of the "Altar", though. I knew I forgot something. In the "recruiting" room with the red key, there's a computer/monitor station that has pegs on it, but for that I put down extra impassable linedefs that continued on invisibly around the station so that you didn't get hung up on decoration. I'll either do that with the altar or just naff the pegs altogether on it. Also, thanks for the comments about the stairs. I thought it looked cool while I was making it, but everytime I played it, I felt like they got in the way of the level. It's good to hear it from someone else. And yeah, that switch in the "control" room that brings the first lift back down is definitely something I'll fix. I wasn't a huge fan of it either. And I'll see if maybe I can try out your redesign :) Couple questions: 1. Did you find yourself unfairly low on ammo or health at any point? 2. And did you discover any of the secrets? :D There are quite a few of them.