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  1. The beta is finally released. Please provide me with some feedback after playing it. Thank you and have fun!


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    2. Serge Jkn

      Serge Jkn

      Springy said:

      Will we be expecting a release soon? It looks absolutely amazing from what I have seen so far, it also helps that I am a sucker for levels that are of an Egyptian theme. I also like the sound of more action, less puzzles type of game play that you are going for and yes, that floor puzzle used to annoy the shit out of me.

      Thanks for your interest :)
      This is my first map I've ever made on a true 3D engine so I'm basically learning as I go. Unfortunately this also means that I have to spend more time figuring out how everything works.
      I'm pouring alot of my free time into this map but I can't give you any details about a release right now.
      Be sure to check my site for updates if you're interested, because Doomworld isn't really the best place for posting my Hexen II news ofcourse :)

    3. Cupboard


      Not going to bloviate about this but those shots look pretty balling! Is this hub more action than puzzle-ish?

    4. Serge Jkn

      Serge Jkn

      Yes, the focus lies more on the action. I decided to do this because the original egyptian maps had some very annoying puzzles and I wanted to take a different approach.

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