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  1. TheUltimateDoomer666

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I have mixed feelings about the cartoony visual style. On one hand, I would kind of prefer more realistic, convincing monster designs. On the other, I do like that they've used the cartoon style to make monster designs that are very faithful to the originals. The Pain Elemental's animations don't bother me because I think they fit well with the goofy design. Besides, the original Pain Elemental was also pretty goofy waddling around with little arms.
  2. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    What's this then?
  3. TheUltimateDoomer666

    REKKR - V1.13

    @Tindrone It's a puzzle. I got stuck at first as I missed that particular location. Currently I'm on E2M9. I have no idea how to do the puzzles with all the switches. I've been playing in GZDoom. Overall, the game is very well-made. Sound effects are satisfying and music fits the theme.
  4. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Still writing little djenty doodles:
  5. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

  6. TheUltimateDoomer666

    E1M1 Remade Midi

    The MIDI has a tempo of 100 in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. * Bass should be monophonic. Playing chords/octaves on bass sounds muddy. * Too much percussion going on at once. It sounds like a drumkit being played by an octopus. Even though it's just a MIDI, remember that a drummer normally only has 2 legs and 2 arms.
  7. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Pretty sure the female lead in the movie is not supposed to be the "DoomGuy" from the games.
  8. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    Today I can hear "laurel", on the same headphones as before. Derp.
  9. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    Only "yanny". I can hear that too, lol.
  10. I got Chasm: The Rift today (brand new).  Comes in a big box with a slipcase.

    Unboxing pics:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oocu690reetwb3x/AABxNZ-M1W0tTtV7CYDIbvmta?dl=0

    sealed chasm - the rift unboxing 1 (sealed).jpg

  11. Photo of Quake collection.  It's complete in terms of the official PC series (minus Enemy Territory), although I don't have every release of each game (e.g., Quake: The Offering; QII: Colossus; big box version of Ultimate Quake; CD version of Quake 4; individual big box releases of QIII Arena, QIII: Team Arena, and the QII add-ons; shovelware and TCs...)  Not pictured:  Malice for Quake jewel case (inside the Quake and DOOM compilation box).

    18-04-11 - quake.jpg

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And some other id/Raven stuff (plus the Quake and DOOM compilation contents).

      18-04-09 - games.jpg

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And Duke Nukem 3D big box games.

      18-02-12 - duke 3d 960x480.jpg

  12. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    The PlayStation version of Hexen is pretty terrible. It suffers from fewer sprite frames and a slow, jerky framerate. The DVD case versions of Hexen II and Heretic II are very cheap (like $5-$10), while the large boxed versions are around $20-$50. Portal of Praevus seems to be the most expensive of the Heretic/Hexen games in terms of eBay prices ($80-$100 complete).
  13. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    I have boxed physical copies of all 6 games (Heretic, Hexen, Deathkings, Hexen II, Portal of Praevus, and Heretic II). I like the series, although some of Hexen's puzzles stumped me until I read online walkthroughs (which is a minor problem I have with more puzzle-based games). I recently played through Heretic II a second time, this time with the enhancement pack update, which allows quick switching between third-person and pseudo first-person views among other nice improvements.
  14. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    The lead is basically just a saw that sounds thin and tinny on its own (and the bass is a generic, clean synth bass sound with no distortion). A lot of the power comes from the mixing and processing of the song itself. The settings for mixing are going to be very different depending on the song, so simply re-creating the saw preset isn't going to sound the same. The final sound is a result of many factors: chorus and distortion effects, the punch of the drums and bass, extra compression and drive applied to the entire track, and of course sidechaining the lead and bass to the kick/snare.