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  1. Someone else previously posted this here
  2. Doesn't interest me. I've never played it and don't want to. Far too weird for me, but eh, I guess it's not as terrible as some stuff...
  3. European Depths of DOOM Trilogy discs have hubs with the labels printed on them. DoDT discs from regions outside of Europe (e.g., US, Australia) have transparent hubs.
  4. Not sure if such a thing already exists online, but I made a little list of the different physical releases of the classic DOOM games.  Some things are likely still missing from the list, particularly Japanese releases since I don't know much about them.  Link:  click

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Adding all console releases (that I know of) as well as Japanese versions now.

  5. What's the very first version of Registered DOOM that was released on CD-ROM?  I previously thought it was v1.9, but apparently v1.8 was available on CD-ROM by mail-order?

    1. fraggle


      Not a lot seems to be known about the registered CD-ROMs. ORDER.FRM said the CD-ROM version would be "avail. after 3-1-95", by which time v1.9 had been released. But maybe it took a month or so to do the CD pressings, in which case v1.8 might have been the latest version available at the time.

  6. Finally got the original big box release of Duke 3D Atomic Edition.  Surprisingly hard to find.

    duke nukem 3d atomic edition (uncensored) - us big box.jpg

  7. The "II" on the DOOM II box cover is embossed.
  8. Is there any way to tell if an unopened/sealed Ultimate DOOM box contains the poster (besides buying it and opening it, of course)?  I know some releases don't have it.

  9. Somewhat related: This auction (users in the Big Box PC Game Collectors group on Facebook were commenting on it) ended at around the same time as Romero's. While nowhere near $3,000, the US $200 it sold for is still absurd. It comes with the box, but it's wrecked. Who in their right mind would pay that much for that? Again, I am completely baffled. Edit: The seller re-listed the item, for some reason...
  10. Does anyone know what all of the contents in a brand new DOS CD-ROM DOOM II v1.666 US/Canadian release are?  Did all releases contain the same paperwork?

  11. Pics of sealed (new/re-seal?) DOOM II big box (US/Canadian release?) and contents:

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      The paper contents are a bit warped, but there's no major damage (all of the manual's pages are fine and aren't glued together).  The disc contains DOOM Shareware v1.666 and DOOM II v1.666 (the first version of DOOM II).

    2. R1ck


      Sell it to eBay 

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666


      No.  Mine.  (:

  12. I am baffled that someone paid US $3,150.00 for this.
  13. Romero's auction for DOOM II disks has exceeded AU $4,000 (US $3,000).

  14. I found a thread from a few years ago on some site where someone said the original big box releases of DOOM (including the US floppy disk mail-order release) are "next to worthless" and that they "wouldn't pay $5 each for them."  So uh, why are the two mail-order releases on eBay more than AU $800 each?  Did their value increase by $800 in like 4 years?  Are they overpriced?

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Heck, I can't even find The Ultimate DOOM complete for a decent price (I was lucky enough to find DOOM II and Final DOOM at quite lower than usual prices, though).