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  1. TheUltimateDoomer666

    McFarlane Toys DoomSlayer Review

    I mentioned back in May I was looking forward to the figure. I didn't know about that review, though. One comment points out all the photos of the figure show it in the same pose, so articulation might be lacking. Regardless, I already ordered one from Popcultcha. A bronze variant of the figure will also be released.
  2. TheUltimateDoomer666

    White Doom 2 T Shirt

    I assume you mean this one that is in the back of the DOOM II manual? It would probably be hard to come by considering the manual says it was only available directly from id (Bethesda didn't own the DOOM franchise back in the 90s or early 2000s).
  3. No, the DOS emulation is still happening within the program. But programs launched from within DOSBox are going to be running in DOSBox. And Hexen's movie.exe cannot be run on a PC.
  4. No, that's impossible. Dark Pulse just said: That's not even possible. And on top of that, PS1 exes don't run on PCs.
  5. Chocolate Hexen? Trying to edit the Hexen EXE so that it recognizes the PS1 Hexen's cutscenes and plays them at the correct points sounds near impossible. Looking on the Hexen PS1 CD, I see the cutscene files are in STR format. I found an STR document online written by Michael Sabin that says "the decoding process is long, and rather complicated." In other words, the cutscenes are in some convoluted format that was written specifically for the PS1 console--not DOS PCs.
  6. TheUltimateDoomer666

    cost of doom games at the time of their release?

    The DOS CD-ROM box of DOOM II cost AU $99.95 in Australia. In the US, it cost US $44.95 (according to an order form included in the Ultimate DOOM box).
  7. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Most players in the 90s probably would have heard the music playing with FM synthesis (via either Adlib/Sound Blaster when playing the DOS version, or a generic OPL3 synthesizer when playing DOOM95) or perhaps "wavetable" synthesis (Ensoniq cards for example). I can't find information online about the SC-55's MSRP, but it can't have been cheap, especially since it was aimed more at PC MIDI musicians rather than people who just played DOS games. I can't imagine too many DOOM players at the time would have wanted to go out and by an expensive Roland device just to hear the music how it was "supposed" to sound. True, but there are also many PWADs with soundtracks that do not have recordings available. Although I guess not too many PWAD soundtracks were composed on a hardware Sound Canvas.
  8. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    It's gm.dls, located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Gmreadme.txt has a description and copyright information for the sound set.
  9. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    No. It would not be possible for any soundfont to sound exactly like the hardware SC-55 due to file format differences, limitations, etc. In contrast to SF2 files for example, the SC-55 hardware uses both PCM synthesis and cut-down LA synthesis. For this reason, the SC-55's ROM is a mere 3.25 MB, while that soundfont linked above is a whopping 103 MB. In other words, soundfonts contain "recordings" of instruments, including instruments that might be entirely synthesized in real-time on a hardware synth, which bloats the soundfont's file size and leads to inaccuracies. I tried the previously linked soundfont and it does sound pretty close, but you can still tell the difference when it is compared directly with the SC-55 recordings. In the intro music in DOOM II for example, there are some Synth Strings that play at the end and sustain for a bit--they make a sort of "growl"/sweep that then fades into a low drone. With the soundfont however, the Synth Strings have obvious looping where you can hear that the same part of the sample keeps repeating.
  10. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    They've already been dumped. They're available online. Although they aren't exactly legal. Roland has gone after ROMs from their synths before.
  11. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    "Tones" are basically the MIDI instruments. Acoustic Grand Piano is a tone. Distortion Guitar and Overdriven Guitar are tones. The General MIDI standard defines 128 tones, but the GS and XG standards greatly increase this number. However, very few games make use of the additional melodic GS/XG instruments. No, you can hear in the video that they do not sound exactly the same. The "emulated" recordings in that video are from the Virtual Sound Canvas. Creating a software version of a synth that sounds "perfectly the same" as the hardware version is a lot harder than you think, not just for the SC-55 but for any synth in general. There are certain aspects of physical sound hardware that simply cannot be replicated with software alone. There will never be a software version of the SC-55 that sounds 100% identical to the hardware in every way because it is just not possible. Not only that, there are different models of SC-55 units which have slightly different specs. The original SC-55 for example has an output resolution of 16-bits @ 32 kHz, whereas the later SC-55mkII has an output resolution of 18-bit @ 32 kHz. Finally, here's a video comparing the hardware SC-55 to Sound Canvas VA. SCVA is a newer official Roland Sound Canvas software synth that is even more accurate than VSC, although there are still some differences from the original hardware:
  12. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doom RTX On - AKA "Ah, shit, here we go again"

    The "Doom Ray Tracing (RTX)" page is still up (linked by ketmar). I reported it on Mod DB, but I will not be spamming multiple reports. It would be more effective if other users also click the report button. The uploader appears to be a typical alt-right troll who is trying to smear the LGBT+ community.
  13. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Nope. Besides the samples being lower quality, many of the instruments sound different, such as the Distortion Guitar. Only the physical SC-55 sounds exactly like "SC-55". You can hear a real SC-55 compared with Virtual Sound Canvas here (MS Synth and VSC share most of the same samples):
  14. TheUltimateDoomer666

    sound card

    It sounds like Adlib/Sound Blaster. The cymbals have that distinctive FM synth sound to them. As such, how the instruments sound depends on how the game programs them, not the sound card--DOS games with Adlib music come with their own "instruments" stored as parameters that get sent to an FM card. So no sound card will automatically sound like that video; you just have to use whatever FM instruments/GENMIDI lump they were using in the game at the time. The FM instruments from Heretic, particularly the drums, sound similar to the ones in that video. Here is a sample recorded in DOSBox.
  15. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    It uses gm.dls, which you can find in C:\Windows\System32\drivers or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers. The DLS format is similar to the SoundFont 2.0 (SF2) format in that it is just a collection of instrument samples that are loaded by a MIDI synthesizer/player. You could use MS Synth's DLS file with other players, if they supported the DLS format.