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  1. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    The percussion in E1M1.MID.2 is almost completely different from the normal version of E1M1. I would guess that it's maybe been optimized for FM synthesis, as it certainly does not sound good with "wavetable" synthesis. As for E1M2, there are some noticeable timing differences between the two versions. In the normal version of E1M2, the strings start immediately, while in the .2 version, the strings do not come in until the second measure, meaning the strings play for a shorter amount of time before the first claves notes play.
  2. An auction for a boxed v1.2 Manaccom release has been listed by a seller on eBay. This is a pre-OFLC release which lacks the printed rating on the cover, but interestingly there is a "parental guidance" sticker on the box which I have never seen before. I don't know if the sticker is something Manaccom did or if it was added by some retailer. Additionally, the contact information in the manual has been obscured with a Manaccom label (this is presumably normal for Manaccom manuals as it is not the only one I have seen like this): The floppies, which are a little different from the ones in BFG_retro's photo in the above post: A photo of all the contents: Note the box includes the 5 1/4" floppy request form, which is absent from some copies I've seen. Given that the spine of the box says details for ordering 5 1/4" floppies are enclosed, I would assume all Manaccom boxes originally included the form.
  3. TheUltimateDoomer666

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    Probably Doomsday of UAC, as it was on a CD I looked at before I had Internet access.
  4. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    There is an early/alternate version of the Hexen box art that appears in several different official sources, albeit not in very high quality. In this alternate art, the dark figure on the cover appears to have a slightly visible mouth. A drawstring is also present in the image. Hexen95: id Stuff (even though I took this screenshot, I didn't realize at first that the art was different): Interestingly, the id Stuff program shows a picture of the actual game box, which implies the art was going to be used for the box at one point. The alternate art is also used a few times in the official Hexen strategy guide, but not on the front cover. The image used in the book is extremely dark and is not very big, but the drawstring is still clearly visible, and it's possible to just barely make out the figure's mouth.
  5. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    This is a minor issue, but in the Ground Zero intro cinematic where the subtitles say "[unintelligible]", I can clearly hear the marine saying "We're not pulling free." Additionally, the story in the original Ground Zero manual confirms that the dialog there is "Dammit! We're not pulling free."
  6. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Best use of potatoes

    Potato salad.
  7. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    Pressure Point only plays for the first section of the Inner Chambers stage. The Final Showdown stage and actual Makron fight have different initial track assignments. On another note, I find the track assignment in PS1 Quake II to be rather strange, especially since different copies or releases of the game bizarrely have different initial tracks assigned to the levels. Compare part 2 of Inner Chamber in these two videos for example:
  8. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Things about non-Doom video games you just found out

    The Barracuda Sharks in Quake II will drown if they are out of water for too long.
  9. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doom 1 E1 unrealistic space

    According to Romero, the original black sky from the alpha "made for rather drab outdoor areas. So we decided to give Phobos and Deimos semi-breathable atmospheres. We attributed their miraculous appearance to the power of the Anomalies." (Source: Interview from The Official Doom Survivor's Strategies & Secrets)
  10. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    Is there a reason the behavior of the anti-aircraft gun in Research Hangar is different? In the original game, the gun would fire at the hangar doors and gradually destroy them, but in the remaster the doors instantly explode as soon as you activate the terminal, which doesn't make much sense.
  11. TheUltimateDoomer666

    When did you meet Doom?

    First DOOM experience: DOOM95 on a shareware CD. First DOOM II experience: The DOOM II disc from the Depths of DOOM Trilogy, purchased by a family member in the 90s. First Final DOOM experience: The 2003 release of DOOM - Collector's Edition, which I purchased myself in a local game store.
  12. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    Regardless there have still been times where I spent a little too long running around a level before completing the final objective, at which point I feel the switch to the ambient track helps to stop the metal tracks from getting too grating.
  13. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    It would probably get tiring to hear a hard rock/metal track play constantly throughout a level, especially after you've already killed everything and are just exploring.
  14. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Quake II Remastered

    I've played through the original Quake II several times, and I had no idea that was a feature. When I first saw the message about it in the remaster, I just assumed it was a new addition.