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  1. Sound Canvas VA emulates an SC-8820, which happens to have an SC-55 mode, but even then it still sounds different from the real SC-55. The only way to get an authentic SC-55 sound is to use an actual hardware SC-55. Here's an example with the Briefing music from Descent II: 0:00 is hardware SC-55 (recorded by MusicallyInspired). This is the original "correct" SC-55 sound. 1:34 is Sound Canvas VA in SC-55 mode. Notice how the synth strings do not sound right. 3:12 is an 8 MB wavetable from a Creative VIBRA128/AudioPCI card. I am yet to hear any software synthesizer or soundfont that accurately emulates all of the SC-55 patches, especially when it comes to the "synthy" patches. Heck, even that 8 MB AudioPCI sound card bank sounds a lot more interesting than a lot of soundfonts, which tend to have pretty bland or monotonous sounding synth patches. More comparisons, this time with DOOM music (I've posted this before in some older threads):
  2. Attached a zip of the 33 images I uploaded.
  3. I'd say so, considering fake pop-ups like that exist which are clearly designed to trick users into installing malicious software.
  4. The scrapped version of DOOM 4 looks nothing like a DOOM-style classic shooter. The classic DOOM games are also not what I would call military shooters.
  5. If it was the mail-order CD-ROM version instead of the floppy version, I would probably be interested (although a CD-ROM version would likely be extremely expensive due to its rarity). I don't really collect floppy disks aside from very specific releases of certain games (and only if they have relatively low prices, as I don't really like paying a lot of money for something that may not work or I may not be able to use...even if it is a collector's item).
  6. I have seen some listings that include a separate addendum booklet. Is it missing, or was it not included in all mail-order copies?
  7. I make mostly MIDI- or keyboard-based stuff (yeah I know some find MIDI music to be cheap and bland, but I think it has its charm) and tracked chiptunes. Does that still count? Chiptune music: And some random chugga-chugga metal things: Please note that the volume levels may vary drastically between tracks, as I'm still experimenting with different sound styles.
  8. It is extremely unlikely for someone unfamiliar with music to write a good song on their very first attempt, so if you practice a lot and listen to a lot of music from other composers, you'll get better over time. Some specific comments: Test - It's dissonant and the instrument choice is weird. Reminds me of the music from Gateworld by Homebrew Software, actually... Space Odyssey - The song is too long. It doesn't need to be 5 minutes when literally nothing changes in those 5 minutes. Rock Test - This does not sound like "rock" music to me. It sounds like, uh, "Gateworld" music. Some more advice: Try to add more variation and melodies to make tracks less repetitive. Currently, the tracks use sets of measures of clashing notes copy-pasted too many times. Compare those tracks to, say, The Demon's Dead from DOOM II. While that track's main riff repeats throughout, the whole song still manages to be interesting to listen to by having an intro and progression, and by varying the instrument sounds and drums.
  9. Does anyone know if the big box version of DOOM 3 was released before, after, or at the same time as the much more common small box version? Also, does the big box version have the gatefold cover (or whatever that kind of cover is called)? Regardless, the DOOM 3 big box release does seem to be very, very rare. I've almost never seen it for sale on eBay, and I also haven't seen much discussion about it online (same goes for the "DOOM Collector's Edition - The Ultimate DOOM Trilogy" big box, which I own).
  10. I have seen that CD before on eBay once. I could not determine if it was a bootleg. Is there any copyright/region information in the manual, or is it literally just a reprint of the original full size manual's pages? Here's what that CD's manual looks like (this photo is from eBay; I requested it from a seller): And here are pages 14-17 of the official manual (Canadian IBM CD-ROM version, which is a big box that contains a jewel case [the jewel case from this version does not have a front cover insert]). (These photos are mine): (Some DOOM II manuals had a printing error where an incorrect price was listed for the DSCI-1 item. The manual I have does not have the error.)
  11. Just some MIDI files I made in 2011.
  12. Pic of DOOM stuff I have.  The Ultimate DOOM, Master Levels for DOOM II, Hexen: Beyond Heretic, and DOOM 3 BFG Edition (PS3) all contain posters.


  13. Oh goodness, I remember that. Those posts are kind of terrifying. I wondered if that user was a troll or an actual crazy person.