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  1. Just some MIDI files I made in 2011.
  2. Pic of DOOM stuff I have.  The Ultimate DOOM, Master Levels for DOOM II, Hexen: Beyond Heretic, and DOOM 3 BFG Edition (PS3) all contain posters.


  3. Oh goodness, I remember that. Those posts are kind of terrifying. I wondered if that user was a troll or an actual crazy person.
  4. Was DOOM II Shareware ever planned? The Master Levels box says that the "Full version of DOOM II" (emphasis mine) is required to operate. Or was this simply a way to distinguish between the Master Levels and the base game?
  5. The DOOM II art is the most nostalgic for me because it was used as the Depths of DOOM Trilogy cover.
  6. The Quake 4 Special DVD Edition is the most ridiculously fragile game I own.  The slightest amount of friction causes the ink to disintegrate right off the slipcase.  I ordered another copy as a replacement.  It's a re-print or whatever with the logos in different positions on the cover, so I'm hoping it won't have the same issue that my current one has.

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I've had it for quite a while, but I can't seem to stop it from becoming more damaged unless I were to seal it inside an airtight container and never touch it again.  I wonder if mine is defective, or if they're all like that...a user on FB has a post about the Italian version, and my complaints are pretty much the same as theirs.

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Update:  New Quake 4 Special DVD Edition arrived.  It's in a tuck box format, and is far more durable than the poorly-designed slipcase version.

  7. First game I ever played on PC was either DOOM, Duke Nukem I, Bio Menace, Commander Keen, In Search of Dr. Riptide, Jazz Jackrabbit, or some other shareware game. I can't remember. First full version (not shareware) game I owned was probably Quake II or Commander Keen in "Goodbye, Galaxy!". Both were bought brand new long ago. Quake II was the "Essential Collection" DVD case release by Activision, and Commander Keen was the big box release by GT Interactive. I played Quake II a lot. So much that the disc suffered wear and tear until it cracked and became unreadable. I still have the keep case insert (keeping it, of course), and I've since gotten a replacement disc. I've never owned the big box version of Quake II; I don't know if it's worth the money. Is the box embossed or such? As for Commander Keen, I still own both floppies and the manual, and unlike my original Quake II disc, they have remained in great condition. Sadly, the box is long gone. I never got a replacement box as the prices for Goodbye, Galaxy these days are absolutely insane. I try to keep all my game boxes in good condition now.
  8. But then if someone wanted a specific color they'd have to scour overpriced listings on eBay.
  9. Was the source MIDI for the extended recording actually released? I have Robert Prince's "Doom Music" album (in MP3 format, at least); I think the extended versions of the tracks are exclusive to that album.
  10. I used to put them in subfolders in C:\DOS\WADS\<DOOM1 or DOOM2> and run them from the command line or with batch files, but now I just stick zip files of everything in Doom Launcher's GameFiles folder.
  11. Pointless DOOM disc appearance comparison pictures - Top row:  CD-ROMs from the US/Australian version of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy.  Middle row:  CD-ROMs from the UK version of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy.  Bottom row:  Canadian CD-ROMs from The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II IBM PC big box releases, US CD-ROM from Master Levels for DOOM II IBM PC big box release.

    Also, the manuals from the US/Australian and UK versions of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy manual are slightly different.  The US manual has "P/N 30059" printed on the back cover, while the UK manual has nothing printed on the back cover, is a slightly shorter height, and has a glossier, thinner cover.

    doom disc comparison 1.JPG

    doom disc comparison 2.JPG

  12. Surprisingly, I've never owned the first Heretic (although I have played it).  So I decided to finally buy it.  There's a story in the manual...I assumed this game didn't have an introductory story, heh.