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  1. TheUltimateDoomer666

    is it possible to run Arcane Dimensions on vanilla Winquake?

    But why? Read the Installation Guide.
  2. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doom music: Sign of Evil - intended instrument?

    It's GM instrument number 121: Guitar Fret Noise. I'm not sure what the intended effect of the instrument's use in that track is, however (ambient noise?).
  3. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Doom music: Sign of Evil - intended instrument?

    Yes and no. DOOM's music is General MIDI, and that track uses an instrument called "Synth Drum". The "poof" sound heard on most wavetable cards and the SC-55 is the intended sound. As for the "violin pluck" in the FM version, that sound is still actually a Synth Drum. It's just that that's how that particular instrument sounds in DOOM's default OPL GENMIDI lump. While I think the "string pluck" in the OPL version of the music is nice, the ominous choir (which sounds reasonably realistic on the SC-55) just sounds bland and weak in OPL.
  4. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Chamelenoel learns how to create MIDI music

    Well, they're a start, but as you say, very basic. They're definitely not bad though; I only found a few minor mistakes. There's a mistake in Exploration - The kick drum notes in measures 9 to 12 are "doubled"/layered, which sounds bad and makes the notes too loud and distorted (in some MIDI synths, at least). If this was intentional, then avoid layering notes on top of each other and instead adjust the velocity to make volume changes to individual notes. In Crystal Cave, MIDI Channel 14 gets set to Rhodes Piano but doesn't play any notes. Similarly, in Tirtis Hospital, Channel 6 is set to the Nylon Acoustic Guitar, but again it doesn't actually play anything. I'm assuming these are simply unused MIDI tracks that weren't deleted. Removing them isn't really necessary, but it can make the MIDIs look cleaner in sequencers and some players that show MIDI file data. I think some parts of the songs are a little too chromatic. Adding more instruments and harmonies can make the songs more interesting, even short ones. Varying the velocities to add emphasis to certain notes can also make the music more dynamic.
  5. TheUltimateDoomer666


    What. That doesn't make sense. People are still going to see when you've made a new post in this forum section. Also, putting all the videos in separate threads just makes it harder, not easier, for more people to view them.
  6. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    Soundfonts compress poorly with 7-Zip or WinRAR (even with maximum compression settings, which were used in the screenshot above), so using those can be a waste of upload and download bandwidth, especially for very large soundfonts where SFPack can save a lot of space. SFArk is much slower than SFPack, and the compressed size in this case is only slightly smaller than the SFPack file, so SFPack is normally the best choice. SFPack works fine on Windows 10, and is no more difficult to use than WinRAR, although it seems there aren't any soundfont compression tools natively available for other OSes like Linux.
  7. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Will there ever be another Commander Keen?

    I read the two posts above multiple times and I still don't understand them: * A Change.org petition would likely be just as unsuccessful as the Worlds of Wander Kickstarter. * Bethesda had nothing to do with Commander Keen in the 90s. * Activision currently has nothing to do with Commander Keen. * I presume that Commander Keen 4 floppy was borrowed from a friend? Although to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if some warez group actually released a disk with that kind of content on it as a joke. Anyway, while Bethesda does currently own the rights to Keen, it is very unlikely that they would make another game. They haven't completely forgotten about the character, however; one of their 2016 Vinyl Mystery Mini figures is Billy Blaze.
  8. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Where to get FluidR3_GM.sf2 ?

    A compressed sfpack version (smaller download; can be uncompressed with SFPack) is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TbLOvr6GwqrxteWH8RD7Z7Q7t8q-vsIe I will point out that it doesn't make sense for a WAD to refuse to run just because the user doesn't have a certain GM soundfont...something else must be wrong there, as the soundfont has absolutely nothing to do with the WADs and will have no affect on gameplay--all a soundfont does is replace the General MIDI tones used when playing MIDI music on a computer, which is not always desirable, especially if the MIDIs were not specifically balanced for that particular soundfont.
  9. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    The same thing happens on Windows 10, so the problem is just the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth--probably it has a polyphony issue or something. The note dropouts do not occur in Sunder Map03 when using CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth with scc1t2.sf2 loaded. Scc1t2.sf2 contains the MS Synth's dls samples, but using that soundfont adds a new problem to the Sunder music: The cymbals ring for too long and have very noticeable looping (to be fair, dls and sf2 files, although similar, are actually different formats, so conversions won't sound 100% identical).
  10. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    That's because Heretic's music wasn't written for an SC-55. I posted more information about that here.
  11. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Does anyone identify the soundfont used in this OST upload?

    That's not a soundfont at all. Those particular tracks are actually fan-made remixes by someone named Paul. I don't think he used a GM-compatible synth, but instead chose high-quality instrument replacements that best fit each track.
  12. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    The Merlin soundfonts seem to be enhanced versions of the Creative/E-mu soundfonts. Same basic drums. They do have quite different orchestral samples though, but they're not really suited for GM use in all cases. Although not a DOOM track, the strings in Raptor's Wave 2 music sound really weird and artificial with Merlin GMv32.
  13. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Diablo Immortal

    But downloading ISOs/ROMs of games you don't own isn't legal in the first place, so I don't see your point there.
  14. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Recommended Soundfonts?

    The issue there is that the soundfont's instruments are unbalanced when compared to the SC-55, so the volume goes out of whack in those MIDIs. In GUGS, Synth Bass 2 is too loud and overwhelms the other instruments, while the Muted Guitar is much too soft and is almost completely drowned out by other instruments.
  15. TheUltimateDoomer666

    Diablo Immortal

    That like/dislike ratio says otherwise.