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Status Updates posted by TheUltimateDoomer666

  1. I will probably soon convert my game collection text list to a more organized CSV format, as I feel the list is getting hard to read.

  2. I think I will stop putting two spaces after full stops and colons.

  3. I got Chasm: The Rift today (brand new).  Comes in a big box with a slipcase.

    Unboxing pics:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oocu690reetwb3x/AABxNZ-M1W0tTtV7CYDIbvmta?dl=0

    sealed chasm - the rift unboxing 1 (sealed).jpg

  4. Photo of Quake collection.  It's complete in terms of the official PC series (minus Enemy Territory), although I don't have every release of each game (e.g., Quake: The Offering; QII: Colossus; big box version of Ultimate Quake; CD version of Quake 4; individual big box releases of QIII Arena, QIII: Team Arena, and the QII add-ons; shovelware and TCs...)  Not pictured:  Malice for Quake jewel case (inside the Quake and DOOM compilation box).

    18-04-11 - quake.jpg

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And some other id/Raven stuff (plus the Quake and DOOM compilation contents).

      18-04-09 - games.jpg

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And Duke Nukem 3D big box games.

      18-02-12 - duke 3d 960x480.jpg

  5. Pic of DOOM stuff I have.  The Ultimate DOOM, Master Levels for DOOM II, Hexen: Beyond Heretic, and DOOM 3 BFG Edition (PS3) all contain posters.


  6. The Quake 4 Special DVD Edition is the most ridiculously fragile game I own.  The slightest amount of friction causes the ink to disintegrate right off the slipcase.  I ordered another copy as a replacement.  It's a re-print or whatever with the logos in different positions on the cover, so I'm hoping it won't have the same issue that my current one has.

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I've had it for quite a while, but I can't seem to stop it from becoming more damaged unless I were to seal it inside an airtight container and never touch it again.  I wonder if mine is defective, or if they're all like that...a user on FB has a post about the Italian version, and my complaints are pretty much the same as theirs.

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Update:  New Quake 4 Special DVD Edition arrived.  It's in a tuck box format, and is far more durable than the poorly-designed slipcase version.

  7. Pointless DOOM disc appearance comparison pictures - Top row:  CD-ROMs from the US/Australian version of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy.  Middle row:  CD-ROMs from the UK version of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy.  Bottom row:  Canadian CD-ROMs from The Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II IBM PC big box releases, US CD-ROM from Master Levels for DOOM II IBM PC big box release.

    Also, the manuals from the US/Australian and UK versions of The Depths of DOOM Trilogy manual are slightly different.  The US manual has "P/N 30059" printed on the back cover, while the UK manual has nothing printed on the back cover, is a slightly shorter height, and has a glossier, thinner cover.

    doom disc comparison 1.JPG

    doom disc comparison 2.JPG

  8. Surprisingly, I've never owned the first Heretic (although I have played it).  So I decided to finally buy it.  There's a story in the manual...I assumed this game didn't have an introductory story, heh.


  9. Got the Ultimate Quake compilation.  Mainly for the poster, and also because I've never played Q3A before (aside from a demo).

    ultimate quake box and contents.JPG

    1. Endless


      Sweet poster and box. 

  10. That's a strange place for an age rating.

    the depths of doom trilogy big box left spine.jpg

    1. Bugnotnotthegreat


      Removing the Pegi from there would be the. Ultimate doom. I'm so sorry

  11. Airing out a Depths of DOOM Trilogy big box because it reeks of tobacco smoke.  Bleh.

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      The stench ain't from me, btw (I don't smoke).

  12. Anyone have scans of the addendum from the US DOS CD-ROM version of Hexen?  Pretty sure it's missing from the one I got.

  13. Out of curiosity, is the manual from the US version of Final DOOM identical to the manual from the EU version?  I have 2 Final DOOM manuals.  One is CD case-sized (it came with a Platinum re-release of the PC [DOS/Windows] version but the instructions are for Macintosh) and does not contain any story.  The other (from the EU version) is larger and more detailed: 


    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Update:  The US manual is in color, does not have the face artwork from the UK manual, and has a "notes" section.

  14. Not sure if such a thing already exists online, but I made a little list of the different physical releases of the classic DOOM games.  Some things are likely still missing from the list, particularly Japanese releases since I don't know much about them.  Link:  click

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Adding all console releases (that I know of) as well as Japanese versions now.

  15. What's the very first version of Registered DOOM that was released on CD-ROM?  I previously thought it was v1.9, but apparently v1.8 was available on CD-ROM by mail-order?

    1. fraggle


      Not a lot seems to be known about the registered CD-ROMs. ORDER.FRM said the CD-ROM version would be "avail. after 3-1-95", by which time v1.9 had been released. But maybe it took a month or so to do the CD pressings, in which case v1.8 might have been the latest version available at the time.

  16. Finally got the original big box release of Duke 3D Atomic Edition.  Surprisingly hard to find.

    duke nukem 3d atomic edition (uncensored) - us big box.jpg

  17. Is there any way to tell if an unopened/sealed Ultimate DOOM box contains the poster (besides buying it and opening it, of course)?  I know some releases don't have it.

  18. Does anyone know what all of the contents in a brand new DOS CD-ROM DOOM II v1.666 US/Canadian release are?  Did all releases contain the same paperwork?

  19. Pics of sealed (new/re-seal?) DOOM II big box (US/Canadian release?) and contents:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k5yv0sge3avz95v/AACkxJkNKvuSPxwpSIRzVmxka?dl=0

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      The paper contents are a bit warped, but there's no major damage (all of the manual's pages are fine and aren't glued together).  The disc contains DOOM Shareware v1.666 and DOOM II v1.666 (the first version of DOOM II).

    2. R1ck


      Sell it to eBay 

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666
  20. Romero's auction for DOOM II disks has exceeded AU $4,000 (US $3,000).

  21. I found a thread from a few years ago on some site where someone said the original big box releases of DOOM (including the US floppy disk mail-order release) are "next to worthless" and that they "wouldn't pay $5 each for them."  So uh, why are the two mail-order releases on eBay more than AU $800 each?  Did their value increase by $800 in like 4 years?  Are they overpriced?

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Heck, I can't even find The Ultimate DOOM complete for a decent price (I was lucky enough to find DOOM II and Final DOOM at quite lower than usual prices, though).

  22. Pics of sealed Australian Quake big box and its contents.  Disc contains Shareware v1.01 and International Registered v1.01.

    quake au big box sealed.JPG

    quake au big box unboxing 1.JPG

    quake au big box unboxing 2.JPG

    quake au big box unboxing 3.jpg

    quake au big box opened (shrinkwrap still on box).JPG

  23. Ordered the original big box release of Final DOOM (UK version).  I already have the jewel case and manual (which is small and in black and white) from the Platinum budget re-release, but the original box is cool (I don't care about the Platinum PC big boxes).  As with the DOOM II box I ordered, it was relatively inexpensive.  Much cheaper than the US boxes I've seen.