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  1. I recently got the Atomic Edition of DN3D. I've had the Shareware version for years, but seeing that the Atomic Edition is pretty cheap, I got it. I decided to use eDuke32 and Duke Plus for this one. I also downloaded the latest polymer HRP, only to find my pitiful graphics card was simply not capable to run the HRP at a reasonable speed. The FPS counter on the screen stayed at around 1-3 FPS. Lowering the graphic detail didn't do much but make it look ugly as Heck. I will soon try v4 of the HRP in the hopes it will be faster. Edit: okay, I tried HRP 4 without the Polymer renderer, and it runs at a smooth 40-100 FPS! It seems my video card doesn't like the Polymer renderer.

    I got Duke Nukem Zero Hour two days ago for my Nintendo 64. I've been enjoying it a lot, good graphics, good gameplay. Not bad at all. It's one of my favorites, along with Time To Kill and Land of the Babes. I'm currently in the Jail Break level, and have found 3 time machine pieces. I also enjoy its more "mature" themes.