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  1. My computer's mouse was acting very strangely - it kept registering that the left button was rapidly being clicked when I wasn't even touching it. Thus, moving the cursor over icons would cause the icons to be clicked and opened programs, and in a music sequencer it kept drawing notes all over the place, and in DOOM the gun was firing randomly. It was a pain, so I replaced the screwy new mouse with an old roll-ball mouse.

    The Windows 7 help documentation didn't help find out what was wrong, but it does go into precise details on how to use a mouse. It's like it was written for people who had never used a mouse before. I suppose they wanted to make it more "user-friendly", but I'm sure most people would know how to use a mouse without all this info on move-mouse-left-to-move-cursor-left. Anyway, I've got that bugged-out mouse sitting on a shelf. It's a Compaq optical mouse that I just got, and it already died. The newer they are, the shorter they last. Then again, it could be the number of hours I spent clicking it in DOOM.

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    2. Technician


      You know, I've had keyboards fail, but never a mouse.

    3. DoomUK


      Technician said:

      You know, I've had keyboards fail, but never a mouse.

      Likewise. I've had the same inexpensive optical mouse for 6 years, but I've gone through like 5 keyboards in the same time.

    4. printz


      I've always found Windows XP's help useless. Good think there's the Internet, hopefully available when you need help.