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  1. I've been revering the SC-55 a lot and often tried to get an SC-55 sound for all the classic game MIDIs on my computer, not just DOOM.

    Quite some time ago I downloaded the SCC-1 MP2 recordings from DoomWorld to use ingame, but, I still wanted to have an SC-55 synth for regular MIDIs rather than pre-recorded stuff. I then got this "DJ Tony" SC-55 soundfont which barely even resembled an SC-55; it sounded more like the junk Microsoft GS SW synth. Later I got a different SC soundfont (RSC.sf2) which I found from some YouTube video. That one was so much better than the DJ Tony one, although some instruments were off and had only one sample (such as the distortion guitar).

    I mainly used the RSC.sf2 for SC-55 music, and also eventually downloaded the SC-55 music packs from the Doomsday Engine add-on page.

    Today I finally decided to check for any new SC-55 soundfonts. I found 2 on YouTube: Patch93's, and Trevor James'. I got Patch93's v1.9, and it is an excellent improvement over RSC.sf2. Much more authentic sounding and greatly improved. I also got the one by Trevor James, version 07/04/13. The James one is also a great improvement over RSC.sf2. These 2 new ones are both good and I'm enjoying them, although they are still not perfect and don't have all the extra GS sounds. James' seems to have a harder, drier sound, while Patch93's is more reverbish. I use the soundfonts in BASSMIDI.

    The Trevor James SC-55 soundfont was also supposedly updated to 07/05/13 (one day after the previous version) and supposedly has more SC-55 instruments. But, supposedly, that version got "lost".

    I'm currently using Patch93's, I prefer its sound over the other one. I'm not saying it's better than James', just "different".

    Still, I never had a real SC-55, but these new soundfonts are good enough for now...