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  1. My Acer Aspire--my main computer which I run everything on--has not had any problems for a year, until today when the "W" key on the keyboard just broke. (I am currently copy-pasting the "w"s.) No liquid or such was ever spilled on it; the key just died. At first, I removed the key's cap, and there was no noticeable dirt or anything, but I noticed that the rubber cup thing under the key had somehow gotten partially detached/worn from the board. I lightly pressed the rubber cup a few times with my finger, and the w actually worked. So I put the key cap back on and tried a few times, and the key seemed to work for a short while again--then stopped. Again examining under the cap, the rubber cup had now gotten completely detached, and the thing just won't type anymore. I can't even get the rubber cup to reattach correctly to make it work.

    Though the key's breaking was sudden and unexpected, it seems the key was actually worn out over time. All the other keys on the keyboard are fine as far as I know, but the w key was used far more frequently than any other key--I use it for moving forward in practically every FPS game, so it was easily pressed a few thousand times, and probably a few hundred times more often than any other key.

    I suppose my only option now is to use an external keyboard...ugh. I really don't want to mess around with trying to "repair" the laptop...

    It seems some things just can't be made to last.

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    2. GreyGhost


      TheUltimateDoomer666 said:

      It seems some things just can't be made to last.

      Or aren't designed to last.

      If Acer have a downloadable service manual for your laptop, your best bet would be to grab a replacement keyboard off eBay and fit that.

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Yes, replacing the laptop's keyboard is another option I guess... but for now I'm just using an external keyboard.

    4. geo


      I have an acer aspire too! Go lefty with a mouse and use the arrow keys.