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  1. So...I've had somewhat weak teeth for quite a while, although they haven't caused any real problems for me, but for the past 4 days my mouth was in extreme pain, and I could barely get any sleep, though I still managed to (partially) do some activities... I hoped it was just a temporary thing, but since the pain ended up being continuous for days, I went to a dental surgery. I had an X-ray done; one of my upper front teeth had caused a bad infection in my mouth, due to a cavity. I agreed to have the tooth and infected gum pulled out, which felt awful, but at least the infected stuff is out of my mouth. I couldn't feel half my face after the removal, and now my gum may bleed for the next 72 hours...

    I also have 3 other teeth that are at risk of infection, but thankfully the dentists will be able to do more work on those teeth and save them, so I will have to return to the surgery in 2 weeks.

    I wasn't really expecting my teeth/gum to get infected so bad. I know my teeth are weak but this is the first time I experienced painful infection. I brush twice a day, and I don't smoke and never drink alcohol, although I do occasionally have carbonated drinks and sweet candies. I think I'll refrain from sweet stuff or any foods that may cause problems.

    Well, it's good to be out of pain, and I will take care of my gums and teeth even more carefully now.

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    2. Cupboard


      Don't sweat it, hardcore_gamer could write a book about this topic as well.

    3. Creaphis


      If "weak teeth" is a condition then it might also be caused by excessive or poorly-timed brushing. (Acids in foods temporarily weaken enamel so it's a bad idea to brush right after eating.) Don't overdo this whole "hygiene" thing.

    4. Khorus


      Eating after brushing is allegedly not so good, either.