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  1. The Quake 4 Special DVD Edition is the most ridiculously fragile game I own.  The slightest amount of friction causes the ink to disintegrate right off the slipcase.  I ordered another copy as a replacement.  It's a re-print or whatever with the logos in different positions on the cover, so I'm hoping it won't have the same issue that my current one has.

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I've had it for quite a while, but I can't seem to stop it from becoming more damaged unless I were to seal it inside an airtight container and never touch it again.  I wonder if mine is defective, or if they're all like that...a user on FB has a post about the Italian version, and my complaints are pretty much the same as theirs.

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      Update:  New Quake 4 Special DVD Edition arrived.  It's in a tuck box format, and is far more durable than the poorly-designed slipcase version.