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  1. Photo of Quake collection.  It's complete in terms of the official PC series (minus Enemy Territory), although I don't have every release of each game (e.g., Quake: The Offering; QII: Colossus; big box version of Ultimate Quake; CD version of Quake 4; individual big box releases of QIII Arena, QIII: Team Arena, and the QII add-ons; shovelware and TCs...)  Not pictured:  Malice for Quake jewel case (inside the Quake and DOOM compilation box).

    18-04-11 - quake.jpg

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And some other id/Raven stuff (plus the Quake and DOOM compilation contents).

      18-04-09 - games.jpg

    2. TheUltimateDoomer666


      And Duke Nukem 3D big box games.

      18-02-12 - duke 3d 960x480.jpg