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  1. You need to see this from the perspective of us lowly average doomers. For us "luck" and "skill" are not entirely separate entities, we rely on a wider margin of error. Not that I was talking about luck anyway, I was talking about progression. But anyway, since we are agreed that I'm allowed to complain about it being too hard, i guess there isn't anything else to say
  2. "These maps expect", "afford these maps the courtesy", "minimum required effort". See, the thing about git-gud, is it implies an element of progression. You get better, and then you get better still, and transfering those skills is the reward for your efforts. There is no progression in "do it right or not at all", and thats where the start of this map falls down. Courtesy and effort goes both ways between player and mapper, thats why difficulty settings exist. Or not, in this case.
  3. No, but you can play it for me if you like, and I'll go do something else
  4. LOL @ all the "map02 start is easy peasy actually" Well, that convinced me to have another go, and I managed to do it after working out the exact sequence of what you have to do plus being lucky to not get minced by crossfire. After that its a case of painting by numbers as you methodically clear out each new bit of map, with the occasional dancing with cyberdemons, but nothing that really compares to that start in terms of do-it-right-&-be-lucky bullshit. That is until the teleport maze, I couldn't be arsed to do that so I've no idea what comes after. I'll give the wad another chance though, despite my misgivings about this map. Ok, map03 is more fun. There is a lot of freedom to run around at the start, and most of the fights give you the option to run away and pick your own ground to deal with them, which I like. There is the problem perhaps that this inevitably means funneling monsters through doorways, and there are also a lot of guys perched on shelves which are a chore to clear out. The highlight was the finale when archviles and cyber appeared, also there are some pretty cool visual flourishes.
  5. Right, just had a go at map02, think thats enough for me. Dunno what the deal is with those chaingunners, you may as well just have a damaging floor there and be done with it. I managed to get to the end of the corridor on the few attempts that the rng allowed me to survive, and the whole place is just filled with walls of meat. These kind of maps can be fun, but this one aint. Getting rid of the chaingunners might help. I can at least be thankful that this is the 2nd map, I'm assuming it will carry on in this fashion. I'm gonna have a cup of tea and return on the 18th.
  6. Ok, just played map01 of new gothic 2. I didn't play the original so I'm not sure what to expect from these maps, other than slaughter of some kind. The main things I look for in slaughter maps are interesting visual design, thoughtful monster encounters and death dealt and avoided on a generous scale. I'm not entirely sure how much I enjoyed this opening map. There was some very cheeky monster placement at times, and at other times I was shooting a lot of meat through doorways. Got a bit grindy here and there too. Any space that didn't lock you in was generally too dangerous to hang around in, so there was a lot of running away and shooting around corners. The best moment was shooting stuff through a doorway and then suddenly finding a load of imps attacking me from the rear. The visuals are nice enough. But yeah, gameplay wasn't totally rocking my boat. I'll keep going though, see how I get on.
  7. haha wow. DV2 must be my all time favourite i think, might have to join in for that
  8. mouldy

    Doom Streams

    Time for some more map tinkering, carrying on from last time https://www.twitch.tv/cyriak_h
  9. mouldy

    DOOM HD Project

    Wow, cool stuff. I hope you are going to 3d print all the animation frames, paint them and then photograph the models from multiple angles to use as sprites for the game ;)
  10. Cool. Is there any reason doom builder doesn't just have an option for monsters to activate?
  11. I havent read through the whole thread, so someone might have suggested these already, but here are a few ideas.. Timed actions: have it so you can set a time delay on any action, just to save a bit of voodoo doll faffing. Auto-active monster flag: so that monsters are automatically awake without having to be woken by the player. Linedef flag that blocks players but not monsters. Or alternatively that blocks everything except flying monsters, so cacos can fly over midtex railings. More lighting options: ability to change brightness of tagged sectors by a specific amount, up or down. Some way of joining sectors that have different texture/brightness/height, so that they all move by the same amount and if one stops they all stop. So lifts made of multiple sectors dont mess up when player hits the ceiling. Monsters can activate floor/ceiling actions "Scroll wall using sidedef offsets" means you can't align adjacent textures properly, so some way of doing that would be nice. Also, can there be a way to scroll midtextures vertically where they repeat in the same way that horizontal scrolling does? Fix the crushers I guess.
  12. mouldy

    Doom Streams

    Doing a bit of messing about in doom builder this afternoon, nothing serious https://www.twitch.tv/cyriak_h
  13. cool, makes more sense now, cheers
  14. Hmm. Well i didnt really get a swampy vibe from it, truth be told. Can't say I did from the original either. Shame old doom doesn't have the brown liquid flat..
  15. Just had a go at this, nice map. I like all the abandoned shacks, and the way it all plays out around the same central area. Things got pretty tricky when the map started filling up with meat. What is a slough anyway? There was plenty of despair.