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  1. Thats a real shame, was definitely one of the maps that really captured the spirit of the project. But yeah, I can totally see how it was destined to life a life of its own.
  2. Sectors within sectors really multiply the VPOs. So all those borders around the teleports are probably the problem.
  3. Dunno if its just my settings or whatever, but the amount of dead space in these posts does my head in. Any way to make what people are saying bigger and everything else smaller?
  4. Crazy though this is, I'm more interested in why he has a toaster in his car.
  5. Doing some more TNT revilution in a mo
  6. I'm gonna do a second stream of this in about 20 mins (3pm gmt) Think I got up to map 12 or so last time.
  7. I wish they would. The number of times I've watched someone getting murdered in my maps and having a miserable time, but still refusing to drop down from UV. In fact its so bad that I might even consider adding a "room of shame" in future maps that only appears on UV, filled with power ups and keys, and maybe a picture of me pointing and laughing.
  8. playing TNT revilution
  9. I think I might take over from Suitepee and do a stream of this tomorrow, maybe. I played a couple of maps quickly and it seems like some good stuff.
  10. Art is about showing people whats inside your head. Nobody else is going to be better than you at doing that, in fact nobody else is even capable of doing that. Also, one of the most important skills an artist can have is knowing when their stuff looks a bit shit, because thats the only way you can improve. And if you can't get any better no matter how hard you try, well, there's Citizen Kane and there's Paul Blart Mall Cop, and plenty of room in this world for everything in between.
  11. Finally got around to playing this. A real bloody work of art mate! So many cool visual touches, I love the diagonal bookshelves, and the clever scenery mechanics. Gameplay is not my cup of tea, as you probably already know. I played it on "normal" and its way too cramped/trial-and-error for my taste, I dread to think what the higher settings are like! I did like that fight with the moving platform though, once I had had died a few times working out what was happening and got lucky with a kind cyberdemon. Dunno how you manage to churn out all these amazing looking maps.
  12. Woo! Congrats to all the winners and runners up. A lot of wads I haven't got round to trying out as well. Fun times
  13. Streaming map 28 of NOVA