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  1. It's probably confused by the word "credits". I'll try changing that in the approaching update. The update isn't anything to get excited about by the way, it will mainly fix problems with co-op, but it'll still desync everyone's demos probably. Just so you know.
  2. mouldy

    Going Down: [bug fix update: 22/08/15]

    I haven't updated this wad since 2015. Have fun!
  3. Cheers mate. There used to be 666 enemies and i removed one by accident in the last update. I might have to fix that
  4. Looks like your page hadn't updated yet for whatever internet reason. I'm sure there will be a future update, I've already seen that co-op mode is missing the key on map 3 (guess nobody tried out co-op mode). I will leave it a while though in case there is other stuff people find.
  5. I'm sure I will return to doom mapping at some point in the next several years
  6. Ok, Overboard is now on idgames for reals woo! Hopefully that is the last of the updates. Now I shall celebrate by eating some toast and watching Clippy's vids. Cheers!
  7. Heh, well I guess taken as an average over the past 7 years its probably not so impressive. I just checked out the trailer for your project and it looks insane, definitely have to give that a go
  8. Cheers. The current release doesn't work in prboom/dsda doom, havent checked in other ports but I've uploaded a fixed version and will tell you all when it arrives in the archive
  9. Overboard is now on idgames This version fixes a couple of issues in the last one I posted, hopefully that is enough bugs fixed to call this the final release. Thanks to everyone who played and enjoyed and told me about broken stuff. Ok ignore all that, because there is a fucking bug that stops it working at all. I'll let you know when its sorted
  10. Yeah I think its ready for idgames. I'll wait a few more days for any bug reports and aim to upload it this weekend, but if anyone wants a preview of the current release candidate then here's a link: overboard 31-08 The only change from the last version is a tweak to map 10 that probably only continuous players will ever see as it involves killing the cyber early. Also, I updated demo island so that it is actually playable, in case anyone wanted to murder 1000 imps for some reason
  11. Yes, ng+ map5 has twice the cacos but they've all been squashed. Its just to help speed things up while retaining the drama of a ton of cacos, and to let people move freely around the map without getting walled in by flying meat
  12. The cacos on map 5 have been pre-squashed for your convenience. Basically I wanted the threat of a caco cloud but with half the HP. Flying imps, if you will
  13. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed ng+
  14. I noticed this the other day and it will be fixed in the final release, but thanks for telling me. I think I recorded the demo with dsda but forgot to make sure it was complevel 9
  15. Thats a strange bug. Looks like it must be related to your mod, the key does clip into the wall slightly when it teleports so that might be confusing it, I guess? I'll make it so it doesn't do that and hopefully that will fix it.