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  1. So, I've noticed that most of my prediction threads have been Helled, and each one quicker than the previous, usually after someone makes an inappropriate remark that has nothing to do with thread. That's fine, I guess, and if my predictive discussions are unwanted, then okay, I get the hint. But what's the deal? I don't mention anything criminal, inappropriate, risque or trollish in these posts. I base my predictions on years of research (and in fact can find examples of pretty much everything on Google) and state that they are simply thought experiments, rather than absolutes. What typically seems to happen is that any potential for interesting discussion gets derailed by someone calling me insane, accusing me of being drugged up (which is not the case when I express these ideas), or otherwise insulting me. With this latest thread drop, I was told to "stop making threads." I mean, c'mon, are you telling me that a voxel camera isn't worth discussing? Am I hated or something around here? I have turned the other cheek time and time again, and will continue to do so, but I do not understand the backlash.

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    2. printz


      AndrewB said:

      Really? We need to start citing our sources for ideas and thoughts now? What's next? Documenting our daily actions and submitting them for academic approval?

      No, mister Generalization. But if the topics start sounding like fantasy and prone to getting post-helled, they may fare better if they have some more reputable source to back them up.

    3. RaphaelMode


      I still maintain that post helling is partially done by bots.

    4. Avoozl


      It could just be up to the moderater/admin and whether they believe it should be helled or not, it's not like they all think alike.