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  1. The other day I took my friend to get some medication from a mental health facility. The negative energy was immense, I could feel it instantly; this was very unexpected and I've never experienced it before. All the misery of the people in there was present and I almost tore the walls down (metaphorically, of course!). My goodness, I've never been so tense so instantly before. I started to arrange myself in a yoga position to deal with the stress, amusingly. When it was time to go, all of it disappeared in a microsecond when we left the building. This was a profound experience and seems to suggest that emotions, whatever they are made of, can be sensed by others because they are not situated strictly within the neural network of the brain. I hope scientific studies of this in the future reveal whether or not this has any truth to it. Have any of you ever experienced this? I believe it's related to empathy.

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      I actually do have a pretty good speaking voice, I can do a wide range of cartoon character archetypes and have a decent octave range. I can't sing too well though.

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      I don't pretend to be enlightened. I have much to learn.