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  1. Then Doom '16 will have sprites, and lots of them, and the BFG is now made of donuts and shoots automatically as soon as you pick it up.

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    2. dew


      Maes said:

      So that's like saying, this week? :-)

      A week without the green might as well be a year, mon!

    3. GoatLord


      It's actually 11 days now and I've already had two dreams in which I took a single puff and felt guilty for not abstaining, then woke up, incredibly relieved that I was still on the ball. Considering I've been smoking continuously for at least the last year with almost no breaks, I'm pleased to see that I'm not as dependent on it as I thought I was. However, I plan to smoke this Friday, then see if I can go another couple of weeks. I'm almost disappointed I'm going back to the bud because I enjoy sobriety, but I also enjoy inebriation.

    4. Clonehunter


      I had a dream where John was the demons, and then John was a zombie.