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  1. I'm not into super hero movies, nor do I have any context for this scene, so we'll not go into those aspects of the subject. Anyway, at the 40 second mark, I began to remember various psychedelic trips, which was very much like something in real life reminding you of a recent dream. Scott is shot like a cannon into a nebulous, massive (to him) world, which is very much in the vain of the onset of DMT's "firing off into hyperspace" feeling. There's an enormous amount of information unfolding and expanding in geometric formations, which to me feels like "drug laced imagery," even though this is actually a pretty accurate representation of the molecular world.

    Things get briefly corny when the cartoonish depiction of an individual atom is shown, but right after, at 1:23, there is a brief flash and a closeup of Scott's helmet reveals that extra dimensions of reality are being projected outward, as though he has reached the subatomic level at which those dimensions become "visible." This is exactly what the "fanning out" effect of mushrooms and DMT looks like, right down to the way it sort of unfolds like it had been hiding in the background the entire time.

    Around 1:38, higher dimensional polyhedrons begin to rotate and morph, and again, this is very trip-accurate looking stuff, and at the climax, around 1:45, there is a very interesting hyper-dimensional formation that seems to resemble the fractal architecture and beings that tend to inhabit DMT- and Shroom-land.

    There have been several Adult Swim bumpers that accurately recreate some of the effects of DMT, but I have never seen a scene in a mainstream Hollywood film in which some of the more confusing aspects of the experience were visualized very well. I strongly doubt there were a bunch of trippers working the CG here, but I imagine that whatever advice they received from conversing with physicists on what the Planck scale might look like, has a possibly intimate correlation to the geometric tendencies of trips.

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      I'd say don't search for something that isn't even supposed to be there. How about an attempt at the real deal? Have you seen Blueberry? In a scene near the end, the hero imbibes peyote, but the director made it an ayahuasca trip instead. It's very pretty and convincing to an inexperienced layman like me. On the other hand, the movie itself is pretty boring for the most part, so perhaps you can just hit the relevant part on youtube.