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  1. GollumGlitch

    gba DOOM comes out this Wednsday

    From what my little brothers Nintendo Power magazine says, it will be out sometime in October, but it didn't have a specific date.
  2. GollumGlitch

    HAPPY BDAY TOO...ME!!!!!!

    I think here it would be a coffee pot instead of a teapot.
  3. GollumGlitch

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! For the last time, A SMALL GROUP OF TERRORISTS DOES NOT MAKE UP THE ENTIRE WORLD! And I agree. However, shit like this has been going on since the begining of history, and it dosn't look like it will stop anytime soon. That was what I ment in my post. As long as people are willing to kill inocents in attempt to spread their own beliefs, this world will be a horible place to live. The Nazis did it to the Jews, America did it to the Indians, and the so called Christians did it during the Crusades and Spanish Inqusition. Now I am a very religios person, but my religion says not to kill others, and last time I checked, so did the other popular religions of the world. So why can't people get it through there thick skulls not do it?! My point is that there will always be ignorant people like these terrorists around to cause suffering, and that is what makes this world so horrible to live in.
  4. GollumGlitch

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    I was speechless when I found out. My entire class just sat there staring at the T.V. watching replays of the second crash. It was unbelievable. And the scary thing is that my mom had just got back from D.C. last Friday! I have a freind whose ant might have been in the Trade Center at the crash! All those people, mudered in under one hour! It reminds us of what kind of world we live in. I pray for those who lost someone in this attack However, I doubt it will start a war. This was probably done by some independent terrorist group, meaning the US can't blame a goverment for it. The only way a war would break out is if a goverment tried to protect the terrorists in there country. They will probably just start a huge investigation to find out who is responsible. I just hope they do find them. Dammit, this just pisses me off. I hope they get whats coming for them. Damm cowards! If there going to pull this shit they should at least claim responsibility. I hope they die a slow death. By the way, I relise I am sinking to their level, but Im pissed and Im only human. Anyway, I believe God will take care of them one day. And when he does, it will be alot worse than anything I could think of. Their is one bright side to this, though not a big one. Their is absolutly no way they can blame Id, or any other entertainment company for this.
  5. GollumGlitch

    Half-Life 2 - Offtopic

    I sense that I am not welcome by everyone. I wonder why? Could it be my low post count, my slightly dumbassed Half-life addon post, or both? Funny, I seem to remember reading several topics in this forum made by senior members that were extreamly retarded, yet they get laughs (or at times Post Hell). It seems the only way to become "popular" in this forum is to flame people (specificly newbies) out until you get a high post count.
  6. GollumGlitch

    Half-Life 2 - Offtopic

    While were on the subject, I thought I might add some rumors I have heard about Half-life2. I remember reading in a Playstation magazine (possibly the same one scopion read) that the story would involve a new race of aliens. According to the article, the aliens in the first game only came to earth to escape these new aliens. Don't ask me if its true, sounds like bullshit to me. I just wish Valve would come out something, wether it be TF2, Half-life2 or some other video game, as long as its not another one of Gearboxs addons. Yes there fun, but I want a real sequal! P.S. Speaking of Gearbox, hear are some possible new addons they could make. Half-life: Black Ops You play one of those female asassins. Half-life: Consperacy You play the asministrator (guy in blue suit that you talk to at the end of the first game). Half-life: Alien Spawn You play a headcrab zombie. Half-life: Xen Biologie You play a scientist in a bio hazard suit. Half-life: Donut Break You play an Otis. Half-life: Crunch! You play those little bugs that you steped on in the first game. Half-life: Gib You play a skull of a gibed scientist. Half-life: Another Addon! You play a gamer desperatly looking for a true half-life sequal among the dead bodies of people who were waiting for TF2. As you play, you are attacked by people from Gearbox armed with random Half-life addons.
  7. GollumGlitch

    doom3 for ( real poll, no joke )

    I am sure that no matter what console it comes out for, it will be hacked down so much that Im sure fans of the PC version will hate. P.S. GBA! Mabe they could handle Doom1 and 2, but 3!
  8. GollumGlitch


    So basicly what you are saying is to do away with any type of save feature. I don't think that would work, although I do think it would raise tension if when you die you have to refind all the weapons you had collected before being killed. However I doubt this idea would be very popular, however it would deffinatly raise the tension. The best way to raise tension is to give the gamer a reason to be afraid of being killed other than having to start over from the begining or last save point.
  9. GollumGlitch


    The limited saving idea might help to raise tension. However, if I die in a game with limited saves, usualy all I have to do is replay the part of the game that didn't save. This knowledge dosn't cause me much tension. In fact, after I die I feel more confident, because I have been there before and know what to expect. Now, what would cause me tension is if the enemies that you killed (or that killed you) in part of a level changed when you replay that level after dying. For example, imagine walking down a dark corridor in D3, and your health is low. You enter into a chamber, and are killed by a fireball from an Imp hiding in the shadows to your left. You respawn at your last save, and come upon the area you died in, only instead of an Imp to the left, you are attacked by two cacodemons from above. Of course, this is just what I would like to see in a FPS game, and probably won't be in D3.
  10. GollumGlitch

    Final Fantasy [Da Movie]

    Here is what I read in the official U.S. Playstaion Magazine. "To create the incredible visuals of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Whithin, Square Pictures built a $40 million state-of-the-art computer graphics studio in Honolulu, Haiwaii. Housing a multitude of SGI Octane computers, the studio has a total of 960 supercharged CPUs rendering the many breathtaking sequences in the movie. And all this processing power is needed: Aki alone features 60,000 hairs on her head, each individually influenced by movment, wind, or light. Even with so much computing power, it can still take up to 20 minutes to render a single frame of animation and 10 minutes to save it." That should give you all some clues on this subject. While on the subject, dose anyone think its weird that Aki (the leading female character) made it on the cover of Maxim?
  11. GollumGlitch

    an ORIGINAL question =) [I hope...]

    I doubt it will be that much of a disapointment if they use there new graphics technology properly to give the game a good enviroment. The only way I can think of it as being a disapointment (to me)is if the gameply didn't evolve any, however I would still probably buy the game. But lets keep our hopes high at least until the game comes out. Also I agree with Zaldron. One gamers disapointment could be another gamers dream come true. (Hmm, sounds like a possible sig.)
  12. GollumGlitch

    quake iv: fight 4 justice

    I must be in the wrong forum! I could have swore this was about Doom3. Oh well. At least it has something to do with ID.
  13. GollumGlitch


    HAHAHAHA! Fuck you! I have not read one of your posts that have made any point yet! So shut up!
  14. GollumGlitch


    The reason it handles Tony Hawk so well is that it is a 32bit system, not 16. That means it is slightly better than the super Nintendo.
  15. GollumGlitch

    ok here we go

    Darkfox, your duck is needed. Macvilwhore, two cups of coffee please.