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  1. Urchlay

    If Doom got one more update

    Hr, yeah. Maybe instead, a bit of logic that allows health/armour to go over 200%, but only by picking up the bonuses. If you had >=200% health, medikits/stimpacks/soulspheres wouldn't be gettable, and at >=200% armour, the blue/green armours would be ignored as they are now... but bonuses would always increment by 1% with no limit. For most maps, getting 100% items and taking no damage would still not result in much more than 250% health/armour, I bet . "I bet" means "I haven't done any research on this subject", so I might be totally wrong :)
  2. Urchlay

    Doomwiki images

    omgifol. Here: http://fredrikj.net/doom.html Also here: http://omgifol.sourceforge.net/
  3. Urchlay

    High Sensitivity or Low Sensitivity?

    Hm. I play with a trackball (kensington, the size of a pool ball), so the "ran out of space" problem never happens. No idea how to compare with the centimeters-for-360 figures others are posting, but I have the sensitivity cranked high enough that I do approximately a 180 if I spin the trackball and let it spin until it stops due to inertia. It doesn't take much time or effort to do a full 360, but it won't happen by accident either.
  4. Urchlay

    If Doom got one more update

    It'd be nice if health/armour bonuses wouldn't get picked up and wasted, if you run over them when you're at 200% health/armour. I'm sure (without bothering to look) that plenty of source ports have this as an option already, but it would have been nice for it to be part of vanilla.
  5. Urchlay

    How old should one be to start playing Doom?

    I wonder. For some stuff, people who discover it later in life get more obsessed than people who grow up with it. Religion, for instance: people who are raised that way tend to make less of a big deal out of it than people who "see the light" for the first time later in life. Maybe what you're around from a young age, seems like a normal part of life, nothing to get obsessed with. Of course, what I don't know about child (or any) psychology could fill whole libraries... That can be taken too far. When I was a kid, the kid next door was forced to play baseball, basketball, and football... and was taught to "be a winner" at all costs. It leaked into the rest of his personality, he had to always be better than everyone else, at everything. Guy grew up to be a grade-A douchbag. How old was I when I first played Doom? Probably 23 or 24. Too old to really be relevant to this thread. If the OP is wondering about whether to let his kid(s) play Doom, my advice (worth exactly what I'm being paid for it, I guess) would be, if they see you playing a lot, and they seem really interested, let them. Smart kids understand the hypocrisy in "do as I say, not as I do", and at least some of them grow up to be cynical bastards if they're exposed to enough of it from their parents...
  6. Urchlay

    Really old DOOM web sites.

    I found a pfme.zip you posted to an old thread. The binary is so old, it's not even ELF. I may try to install Slackware 1.0 in a VM and see if it runs...
  7. Urchlay

    Really old DOOM web sites.

    Was source to this ever available?
  8. Urchlay

    Getting Doom 64 TC to work

    It doesn't use the entire ROM, just the IWAD data extracted from the ROM. All that code in the ROM is what Kaiser had to reverse-engineer to write the engine... think of it as more like Wine than VMWare, if that means anything to you. Or think of it as being like a Doom source port, only the "source" was a disassembly since Midway never released the actual source. And if it's worth anything, I agree with the poster above, there's no shadiness in using Doom64EX if you bought the N64 game.
  9. Urchlay

    Getting Doom 64 TC to work

    It's not exactly what you were asking for, but have you looked at doom64ex? http://doom64ex.wordpress.com/
  10. Urchlay

    xwadtools updated (again)

    No Doom64 EX support... yet. Well, lswad can show the contents of doom64.wad, and wadext can extract raw lumps from it, that's something. wadldc actually segfaults trying to decompile a map (not surprising it doesn't work, but dumping core on bogus input is terrible behaviour).
  11. Urchlay

    xwadtools updated (again)

    Whoops, typo'ed the name, sorry about that. The new tools are described on the linked page in the post... with bad formatting. Here's a better version: - midi3mus, open source replacement for midi2mus - wadwhich, determines which game a random .wad file is for - wadconvgame, attempts to convert levels from one game to another - wadconvgfx, make a PWAD for one game, containing graphics from another - spitwad, really an old tool by John Carmack, newly added to xwadtools midi3mus came from this forum BTW. wadwhich, wadconvgfx, wadconvgame are mine (my fault if they suck, too).
  12. Urchlay

    xwadtools updated (again)

    First time forum poster, been lurking a while... Found the old "xwadtools updated" thread, but the download link was broken... so I got to looking at the xwadtools code myself, and ended up doing quite a bit of work on it. For anyone interested, it's hosted here: http://code.google.com/p/xwadtools/ Currently there are no binaries (there will be some for Win32 Real Soon Now). This isn't a release, it's a work-in-progress, and kind of a mess (see the TODO file). Hopefully Google Code won't disappear any time soon, so even if I get run over by a bus tomorrow, someone will be able to make some use of this. Short list of new features: - All of Andre Amajorel's patches have been integrated, plus a few from Gentoo, Debian, and/or FreeBSD. - Support for x86_64 - Several new tools - Bug fixes and enhancements for many existing tools