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  1. I've been wanting to put some money into this company for some years now, but when I was living in the UK, I didn't have a means to do so, as they are only listed in Australia (GGG.AX), Germany and North America.

    I finally did so today. I've been to Greenland several times, and like the place very much, but have also found the lack of opportunities for work and wealth creation for the Greenlanders to be quite depressing at times. So I'm very pleased to support a responsible company that is working together with the Greenland authorities to make something of the country's vast wealth of resources.

    I also feel that it has great growth potential, as the developer of the biggest rare earth metal resource outside China. And it has a cool web address: ggg.gl.

    1. TimeOfDeath666


      My dad runs a company that does airborne surveys and I process data for it. He's never done a survey in Greenland, but these days it's mostly gold that his clients are looking for.