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  1. In AD 2012, Cat Show was beginning.

    Photos taken at the Saintly City Cat Show, which is part of the St Paul Winter Carnival.

    <a href=http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/2945/p1330476.jpg><img src=http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/2945/p1330476.th.jpg></a>
    Red tabby, just after the judge had demonstrated the "stroke its lower back and it raises its butt" reflex.

    <a href=http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/567/p1330477.jpg><img src=http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/567/p1330477.th.jpg></a>
    A Norwegian Forest Cat.

    <a href=http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/9049/p1330481.jpg><img src=http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/9049/p1330481.th.jpg></a>
    A Maine Coon.

    <a href=http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/1931/p1330485.jpg><img src=http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/1931/p1330485.th.jpg></a>
    A cute normal-looking cat.

    <a href=http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/6648/p1330488.jpg><img src=http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/6648/p1330488.th.jpg></a>
    A smoosh-face, with eyes lit up in freaky fashion.

    <a href=http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/5922/p1330496.jpg><img src=http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/5922/p1330496.th.jpg></a>
    Judging in progress!

    <a href=http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/3382/p1330500.jpg><img src=http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/3382/p1330500.th.jpg></a>
    A teddy-bear smoosh-face (no, that's not the technical name of the breed) being prepared to be shown off. It reminded me of Bagpuss.

    <a href=http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/8066/p1330518.jpg><img src=http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/8066/p1330518.th.jpg></a>
    This judge's top pick together with its owner. Yes, there is a cat somewhere in that bundle of fur.

    <a href=http://img848.imageshack.us/img848/4023/p1330525.jpg><img src=http://img848.imageshack.us/img848/4023/p1330525.th.jpg></a>
    More judging.

    <a href=http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/2261/p1330544q.jpg><img src=http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/2261/p1330544q.th.jpg></a>
    Where has its face gone?

    <a href=http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/4771/p1330552d.jpg><img src=http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/4771/p1330552d.th.jpg></a>
    Another bag of fur.

    <a href=http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1018/p1330557.jpg><img src=http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1018/p1330557.th.jpg></a>
    This little cutey didn't win an award. The little girl who was looking after it gave the judge quite a dirty look.

    omg slideshow wtf

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    2. Planky


      Vinegar works. Except you'd have to like the smell of vinegar and its really only a deterrent to cats to stop them going there again.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      Bucket said:

      Bad idea unless there's someone in the house at all times. Cats get bored and start tearing up furniture. Better to get two.

      Yeah, it's my grandparents that have the most both on my mother and fathers side (7 and 8 cats, respectively). Since they're retired, they're able keep them in check throughout the day.

      At my parents place, where I'm staying currently, we only have 4. We haven't had any issues with urine, just the usual shenanigans with occasional clawing at the furniture, and throwing up on the floor. Since I'm usually home all day I'm able to keep an eye on them while the parents are working. Even then they mostly just sleep 'til they get home.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Bucket said:

      Bad idea unless there's someone in the house at all times. Cats get bored and start tearing up furniture. Better to get two.

      You're right. I'd still say no more than that though.

      We have so many cats I have to buy 60 lb (27 kg) of litter every other time I go to the store. Half of them have medical problems. If you are going to get a bunch of cats, I'd definitely recommend insurance.

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