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  1. My flight from Warsaw to Chicago a couple of days ago took me further north across Greenland than I am used to, so I got a view of the capital, Nuuk (Godthaab).

    It was in the distance (c. 25-30 miles away); the first two pics are "establishing shots", and the last two are with 30x zoom. You can easily make out the airport's runway and a fair number of buildings (well, you can see square blobs).

    I'll be going to Nuuk later in the year, so it was interesting to see it from the air, still snow covered.

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    2. dew


      icewind dale...

    3. DooMAD


      I snapped this pic somewhere over Greenland back in August. Stunning terrain all over that region.

    4. Grazza


      I was briefly in Nuuk again yesterday, where they had their first snow since last winter. Our tiny plane (from Narsarsuaq) skidded on landing, but the pilots didn't seem unduly perturbed.

      The last few days in South Greenland were warmish and sunny, so the sudden arrival in wintry conditions came as a bit of a shock. We dined at a Thai restaurant with "porn" in its name before boarding another little aeroplane for the flight to Reykjavik and a return to normal civilization.