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  1. I spent a week in Chile just before Christmas. A few pictures:

    High up near the border with Argentina (c. 3930m). The road referred to in the sign was a dirt track with 44 hairpins.

    A jewel lizard in one of the National Parks.

    The San José volcano venting.

    Here (attached) is a kmz file that you can load with Google Earth. It features the GPS coordinates of places where I took photos. (To attach it, I needed to give it a .zip extension; either rename it with a .kmz extension or use the enclosed .kml file.)


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    2. Grazza


      TheCupboard said:

      Cheers! The first picture would make a great FSKY1.

      Glad you like it. FWIW, the rightmost peak in the mountains in the distance is Alto de Los Leones.

      Obsidian said:

      I see green, yellow, blue and possibly orange on that lizard. It's the M&M Gecko! :P

      The orange ones don't appear to be scales like the other colours. Even on the original image, I find it hard to make out what they are. Maybe it is skin in the process of being shed.

    3. GreyGhost


      Maybe faded flecks of blood from the last tourist it ate? I know they're tiny, which means they must hunt in packs to take down large prey.

      Is that crucifix in the third picture a wayside shrine?

    4. Grazza


      Something like that. It was near a trail, and also on the edge of a small settlement (Latitude=-33.823693; Longitude=-70.050217; Elevation= 1883 m).

      The name on it is Juan E Molina N, 4 April 1965 - 1 April 2002 (the last digits uncertain, since there's undergrowth obscuring them on my photo).