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  1. I spent a week in Chile just before Christmas. A few pictures:

    High up near the border with Argentina (c. 3930m). The road referred to in the sign was a dirt track with 44 hairpins.

    A jewel lizard in one of the National Parks.

    The San José volcano venting.

    Here (attached) is a kmz file that you can load with Google Earth. It features the GPS coordinates of places where I took photos. (To attach it, I needed to give it a .zip extension; either rename it with a .kmz extension or use the enclosed .kml file.)


    1. Cupboard


      Cheers! The first picture would make a great FSKY1.

    2. Obsidian


      I see green, yellow, blue and possibly orange on that lizard. It's the M&M Gecko! :P

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