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  1. OMG, Road Trip!!!

    Just travelled from Woodbury, MN to Las Vegas, NV, over the course of three days. Something like this:

    <iframe style="height: 270px; width: 450px;" src="http://www.mapquest.com/embed?hk=LVtBIb" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

    Actually, pretty much exactly like that (overnight stops in Murdo, SD, and Grand Junction, CO).

    Virtually none of the driving was on snow (the only trivial exceptions were in some towns in Nebraska on Highway 83; outside the towns, the wind had swept the roads clear of the previous night's inch or two of dry snow). I'll claim that was due to good route planning. The Sandhills were kind of cool, and eerie-looking on a clear and very cold morning.

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    2. GreyGhost


      TheCupboard said:

      pot in Colorado

      I still believe that's what John Denver was alluding to when singing "Rocky Mountain High".

    3. Krispy


      Good job making it through Grand Junction. I got stuck there for a whole week once when the car broke down. Nice town though. Did you happen to see the old hotel or water park or theater or awesome tea shop?

    4. Grazza


      No, but thanks for the pointers. I'll spend a little more time in GJ when I pass through it again on Monday. My schedule will be more relaxed then.