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  1. Back in 1998 I wrote a little book called The Quickest Chess Victories of All Time. Among the many games featured in it was one where a Mr Kock played White against a Mr Sucher - by standard convention referred to as the game "Kock-Sucher". While I didn't wish to draw too much attention to this unfortunate pairing, I naturally couldn't let it pass totally without comment.

    Inevitably it made its way onto the Interwebs; e.g.:
    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/AccidentalInnuendo/RealLife (about three quarters of the way down the page)

    It could be worse; there are players called Kunte and Fuchs, but as far as I know they have never played. Let's hope that if they did, it would be in Condom.

    Anyway, just in time for Xmas, a new edition has been published.
    There's a big free sample of the Kindle edition, as usual. Sorry, this does not feature Kock-Sucher. (I think we improved the cover; you can see the old one amazon.com/dp/1857445384]here.)

    The book contains about 50000 chess moves, so if you are actually interested in reading it, the Chess Studio edition might be a better option. Note that each purchase will provide enough income to feed my two starving cats for a day.

    1. Csonicgo


      I bet Robert Hyatt would buy this (again). I'll let him know.

    2. MajorRawne


      Let's face it, after your rather amusing advert, no-one here will buy this for the 50,000 chess moves. They're buying it to laugh at the funny names.