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  1. 24


    Yes, my 24th book has just been published. (Actually, it was published on Chess Studio a couple of months ago.)




    Click the image for Amazon links for hardcopy and Kindle. The Kindle free sample includes the introductions and the first 15 sections or so.


    It was a fairly large amount of work. Even though it is "just" a new edition, updating the original content was as much work as writing the book in the first place had been. And there is a bunch of new content (which includes some Alekhine and King's Indian stuff, for those interested - some of that is in the free PDF sample from the Gambit website). The updated material includes the "whole truth", as I see it, on the Nescafé Frappé Attack. So that's something for the conspiracy theorists to chew on.


    And in case you are wondering, I am not looking to buy a kettle or a toaster at this point.


    Just to be clear: this isn't an elementary book. My next one probably will be though. I might need a new fridge by then, you never know.


    1. Megalyth


      I miss chess. Playing online isn't quite the same as sitting down at a hand-crafted board for a gentlemanly game.