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  1. http://www.20q.net/


    Q20.  I am guessing that it is a galaxy?
    Right, Wrong, Close
    19.          I guessed that it was a wedding cake? Wrong.
    18.          Is it made in many different styles? Irrelevant.
    17.          Is it a synthetic material? No.
    16.          Can it be used more than once? Irrelevant.
    15.          Can it bend without breaking? Irrelevant.
    14.          Can you control it? No.
    13.          Does it burn? Irrelevant.
    12.          Can you sit on it? No.
    11.          Does it get wet? No.
    10.          Can it be painted? No.
    9.          Can it be placed on your head? No.
    8.          Is it colourful? Yes.
    7.          Is it something you can wear? No.
    6.          Does it eat grass? No.
    5.          Is it white? Usually.
    4.          Does it come in different colours? Yes.
    3.          Is it larger than a microwave oven (or bread box)? Yes.
    2.          Does it break if dropped? Irrelevant.
    1.          It is classified as Other.[code]