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  1. 25


    Yes, my 25th book has recently been published. (Actually, it was published on Chess Studio a couple of months ago.) The timing - just before Christmas - is deliberate, but coinciding with a world championship match was accidental.




    Click the image for Amazon links for hardcopy and Kindle. The Kindle free sample includes the introductions and the first 10 sections or so. There's also a PDF free sample on the Gambit website.


    This is the most elementary book I have written for some years, but is by no means a babyish book. It should be useful for players up to decent club standard too. Choosing good clear examples was a big task, and avoiding excessively complex language was a challenge. I also wanted to write a book that presented a modern view of opening play, rather than the inflexible and unrealistic "rule-based" approach that you tend to find in old books (even though it has never accurately represented how good players handle this phase of the game). This runs the risk of confusing readers, but should lead to better opening play.


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    2. Grazza


      Now and then. Less than I used to.

    3. KVELLER


      And what are your other books about?

    4. Grazza


      Clicking on the author link on the Amazon page will list many of them.