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  1. It seems the curse hits again.

    the moral is that one shouldn't travel somewhere just before or just after me.

    Yes, I was on that stretch of I-70 in Denver early on Thursday. And I'd been mocking all the trucker-friendly signs on the way down from the mountains. Hmm, one guy's brakes presumably weren't "adjusted and cool".




    I tend to avoid that whole stretch of road at busy times, though I thought I was maybe being a tad overcautious this time getting up at 1 am so as to be on it around 3.30 am.

    1. Hellbent


      Dang, gnarly! As DW's infamous driver I generally do not take into account busy times when driving as far as safety considerations (only traffic), though that is beginning to change in regard to driving in snowstorms. I do have a lot of confidence in myself regards to reacting to harry situations, though, and my track record in that regard is pretty good. 


      Last summer a bike pileup happened right in front of me in the line of bikes I was riding in. I was squeezing the brakes while swerving out of the way of the collapsing/piling up bikes in front of me. Was *super* close to being entangled in the bedlam, but somehow remained upright as I went offroad. I had a few super close calls to hitting the deck on my back last summer but somehow remained upright in all instances, including one where I went into a super steep, super tight S turn too hot and ended up going off the road (with a few other experienced cyclists as well).


      I once slept under the stars in Grizzly country a couple states over from where two campers were mauled to death in their tents a week earlier. Not quite the same as your thing, though. My sister once was on a flight that was about 12 hours different from an airline that crashed (in other words, had she been on the slightly later flight it'd be sayonara). 


      Anyway, I think I'll just avoid the places you travel, though you do go to all the coolest places!


    2. Grazza


      I try to stay out of trouble, and use flexibility in terms of schedule and route as far as possible. There are dozens of routes between Minnesota and the Rockies, after all, and you're often threading your way between an icestorm and a snowstorm.


      Ah yes, the old "one/two week before/after" phenomenon. I've got these:

      • Used that very same escalator one week before the King's Cross fire
      • At the Grand Chancellor one week before the big earthquake (in the room immediately above one where people were trapped for many hours)
      • October 2017: in Las Vegas two weeks after the massacre and in parts of northern California two weeks before they became fire-disaster areas (I could just have easily done that trip in reverse order and been there for both)


    3. Hellbent


      Jeezus--I can imagine you had already made your reservations for the vegas/cali trip before the massacre happened.


      It is a bit eerie you've been temporarily so close to so many disasters. Most people experience that sort of thing about 0 to one time in their life.