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  1. Here is a display of a logbook recorded by my Suunto S6 watch of Tuesday's skiing at Big Mountain, Montana.

    Just to show I wasn't being too lazy while away from Doomworld. :)

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    2. Szymanski


      Kristian Ronge said:

      I'm curious... did you only do speedruns down the slopes or did you attempt any Tysons -- taking out all the other skiers with your fists!?

      Surely 1m/s is strolling?

    3. Grazza


      Um, that's average vertical speed. Ground speed is a different matter. And I think I strafed too.

      But no, I didn't hit anyone. Or do any telefrags. Perhaps I triggered some crushers without realizing it though. You might say it was reality, since the only damage I took during the trip was in a café.

    4. myk


      Was the food that bad?