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  1. Dear Blog,

    I've just booked flights for a trip to New Zealand in September-October. I'll be based in Queenstown.

    To justify a few more links to Google images searches, I'll mention that I'll be travelling from London and via Singapore and Auckland. And another fun link.

    The plan is to catch the end of the ski season, but if there's an early spring, then there'll be plenty of other stuff to do. I might travel around bit too, possibly to the south coast. I'll arrive too late for the Wanaka Fest though.

    So, um, yeah.

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    2. Grazza


      Planky said:

      winter here has been abit slack, although it may get colder towards spring.

      Thanks for the info - that makes me feel less bad about not being able to get out there earlier in the season.

    3. destx


      Slack my ass, I've been freezing my balls off for the past few months.

    4. Planky


      pfft, you don't live in Wellington. It's been nothing but your typical coastal winds and a scattering of cold nights. More like Autumn weather.