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  1. I'd read about the "sport" of Extreme Ironing on the Internet, and seen some short features about it in TV shows that must have required something wacky to fill in a few minutes.

    However, today I saw it actually being done for real. It happened at Cardrona. The guy was on a little rock outcrop below the "Captain's Quad" chairlift. He was really getting into the ironing - whatever it was he had on his board got well and truly ironed.

    So, write about your own ironing experiences or whatever.

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    2. Grazza


      Amaster said:

      Does ironing your socks count as x-treme ironing?

      It's where you iron, rather than what you iron, that makes it extreme. If you ironed your socks underwater, that would certainly be extreme ironing.

      Use3D: I believe they tend to use specially designed extreme ironing kits, so having your own standard iron and board isn't essential.

      My main use for an iron is as a clothes drier - say if you're in a hotel for one night, and have no time to use the hotel laundry, but an iron is provided in the room. Just wash stuff in the sink, and as long as you give it a good ironing, it will probably be dry enough to wear the next day. That's not very extreme though, of course.

    3. Sharessa


      My friends and I went over to Uwajimaya in Seattle last week and when we were in the attatched bookstore one of my friends found an Extreme Ironing calendar with pictures of guys ironing on the back of cars and stuff. We all lol'd, but I had just foudn a book in Chinese about red pandas that was full of realy cute pictures so i wasn't paying much attention.

    4. pritch


      I hate ironing too, I wish those extremer ironers would use some of my clothes in the process.

      I dont mind regular tshirts or trousers but dress shirts are a complete pain in the ass.