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  1. I came to Doomworld tonight and found no new posts that interested me. I can't remember when that last happened.

    Discuss, or ignore, whatever.

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    2. Kaiser


      It would be a little odd to make two jokewads.. :\

      I'll think about it.. if cif3 hasn't caused enough damage yet.

    3. Szymanski


      Kaiser said:

      if cif3 hasn't caused enough damage yet.

      hows work on that going?

    4. Kaiser


      Pretty good actually. The Doomworld quest is almost completed (only 3 more maps to go) and then after that the Zdoom quest, which is basically the same maps with slight differences. And then the 3 bonus maps which are small and basic..

      I used to have a site on the progression on d3files, but the site got shutdown a few weeks ago.