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  1. Apparently Wednesday was Britain's hottest July day on record.

    Still, I was rather surprised to see this:

    <img src=http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/1170/sany1648vu0.th.jpg>

    This was a bit before 11 a.m. Obviously I had left it a bit late to open up some ventilation in the fitness room. For you American types, 57 C is about 135 F.

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    2. Janderson


      I was doing TA Basic Training in this heat. It was Hellish.

    3. dher5500


      Wow 135 degrees. I feel sorry for you man I get uncomfortable when the temps reach 80.

      Mancubus II said:


      Scuba Steve posted:
      Are you fucking serious!?

      You guys may shrug this off now, but this is a serious threat to the future of this planet. I may not believe some of the 'conspiracy "theories"' being posted on this site, but global warming is a real problem that deserves immediate attention not to be shrugged off as 'bull shit'. It will be our future generations that suffer from our mistakes and our unwilingness to act to correct them.

    4. Grazza


      I should clarify that the actual official temperature recorded here that day was "only" 32 C. The 57 C was the temperature in an enclosed structure with quite large windows and good insulation and with all the air vents closed (oops!).

      I think Scuba and Manc were poking fun at the idea that the scenario presented in the film The Day After Tomorrow should be taken very seriously. It's true that the idea at the heart of it, that of the Gulf Stream breaking down due to climate change, should be taken very seriously - indeed one of the mechanisms that drives the Gulf Stream clearly is weakening. However, for the purpose of making a disaster film, they clearly sought out the worst case scenario they could think of - and then went quite some way beyond it. Having said that, the more conservative projections of the effects that a Gulf-Stream breakdown might have are bad enough.

      But really, I wasn't intending to start a discussion on Global Disruption of Climate here - it was just intended as an amusing picture, as I have never seen a thermometer reading such a temperature before, at least when no man-made heating devices were involved.