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  1. I seem to be cursed in some way.

    Tomorrow I shall be boarding the Aleksey Maryshev, which has been making some news headlines in the last day or so.

    The ship on which I went to the Arctic last year was also in the news lately, due to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.

    On the flipside, I was involved in a rescue operation in Yellowstone a few weeks ago for a guy who had driven off the road a few days earlier. I guess he must have had the worst 4th July ever.

    I hope the moral is that one shouldn't travel somewhere just before or just after me.

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    2. Scuba Steve
    3. Grazza


      Just heard good news about the guy in Yellowstone:


      And everyone injured on the Maryshev is making a full recovery too, I hear.

    4. Grazza


      Almost forgot the obligatory pictars:

      Taken at Isispynten, Nordaustlandet, 8.11am, 16-Aug-2007

      Taken at Torellneset, Nordaustlandet, 7.01am, 17-Aug-2007