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  1. All being well, I'll be in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet on Xmas Day or Xmas Eve.

    "This is a very barren environment with virtually nothing we usually associate with living organisms," as one guy put it.

    So even in Antarctica I may not see a White Christmas.

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    2. Grazza


      They are certainly not cheap, especially if you go on a long icebreaker trip with one of the fancier companies. (OK, the Antarctica trip I've booked is insanely expensive, but I only intend to do this once; I wanted to see the Dry Valleys, and it was the only way I could find.)

      But if you book early enough to get one of the cheapest cabins on an expedition ship on a short trip (e.g. 8 days), then it isn't all that much - though if you're paying in US dollars, the exchange rate works heavily against you, of course. If you were Europe-based, I would suggest a short "North Spitsbergen" trip. Or just get to Longyearbyen (the main town in Spitsbergen) and make some excursions from there - there are plenty of possibilities, varying depending on the time of year. But USA-Longyearbyen is quite a journey.

      Maybe some of these would be interesting. Also, if you are interested in a hiking trip in the Arctic, then something here might appeal. I was thinking of something like that myself for next summer, before I noticed there was a solar eclipse.

      Probably the best suggestion is to get a Lonely Planet (or similar) guide that includes arctic Canada and/or Alaska and see what options are mentioned there. Or possibly there are some field trips you could join - why not ask around at your faculty?

    3. Grazza


      myk said:

      Do not go to that place! I read this account of a visit last century, and most terrible things happened there!

      I've just ordered a copy of that (along with a bunch of stuff on eclipses). It had better not suck!

      BTW, if you're interested in eclipses, this is an awesome resource. Cool maps like this for instance, but masses more technical stuff, etc., etc.

    4. myk


      Grazza said:
      I've just ordered a copy of that (along with a bunch of stuff on eclipses).

      Awesome. Maybe you could read it as you travel on the ship, nearing Antarctica. I be that would enhance the story even beyond its natural merit.